Motion Mining

Motion Mining - The revolutionary way to analyse and optimize your manual order picking processes, fully automated. Our automated process analysis identifies potentials for process optimization and supports you in maximizing your process efficiency while minimizing the physical strain for your employees.

MotionMining process analysis


By using mobile motion sensors together with Bluetooth Beacons and with help of deep neural networks we are able to identify activities within the manual order picking process and quantify them to discover potentials for optimization, decrease process times and reduce unhealthy workloads.

Motion Mining uses Beacons and Wearables

Use Cases

There are various applications which can be tackled by Motion Mining. Your manual processes can be analyzed and optimized with respect to their efficiency, the work safety as well as process ergonomics can be improved and finally the sensors allow for human-machine interaction.

Process analysis

Analyse your processes with Motion Mining

Quantify, analyze and optimize manual processes

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Work safety and ergonomics

Motion Mining helps to improve work safety and ergonomics

Improve working conditions and reduce sickness absence rate

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Real-time gesture recognition

Speed up the interaction with control systems

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Our services range from activity analysis in manual processes over continuous process monitoring to higher level tasks such as data mining and gaining actionable insights from your data.

The products by MotionMiners


Reduce unhealthy movements

Healthy Employees

Lower physical strain

Transparent process data

Adherence to Delivery Dates

Shorter throughput times

Reduced costs

Uncovering optimization potential

Protection of privacy by anonymization


Our Partners

MotionMiners is an initiative of the Fraunhofer IML

MotionMiners is sponsored by the F-Days from Fraunhofer-Venture

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