Sascha Feldhorst redet mit zwei Kunden über die Dienstleistung und Service Motion-Mining zur Prozessoptimierung. Sascha Feldhorst talks to two customers about service and service motion mining for process optimization.


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Zwei Businessmänner freuen sich über einen Dienstleistungsgespräch mit den MotionMiners für Prozessoptimierung. Two businessmen are happy about a service discussion with the MotionMiners for process optimization. Deux hommes d'affaires se réjouissent d'une discussion de service avec les MotionMiners pour l'optimisation des processus.


Would you first like to try Motion-Mining® or do you wish to be assisted in the implementation of process analyses?

MotionMiners GmbH has been consulting customers worldwide in the field of manual work processes since 2017.

Through the experience of more than 35 consulting projects with 30 customers we have been able to apply our expertise and experience to further develop the Motion-Mining® technology.


Each project is carried out by experienced process engineers who use Motion-Mining® technology to record the processes and conduct in-depth analysis. Based on the identified potentials, we develop together with our customers individual measures and thereby identify opportunities for more efficient and ergonomic work processes.


​In addition to efficiency analyses and optimisation, we also focus on ergonomic aspects. By using scientific ergonomic methods (e.g. Leitmerkmalmethode) we evaluate manual processes from an ergonomic point of view and thus develop optimization measures.

Highlights at a glance

  • No integration into operational IT necessary

  • Holistic analysis of efficiency and ergonomics

  • Time saving through automatic recording and analysis

  • Complete anonymization of the collected employee data

Customer key facts


On the basis of 320 data hours, the average times per picking order could be divided into 12 sub-processes

Surprisingly high, at almost 20%, is the proportion of preparations. With the appropriate organizational and systemic adjustments, this could potentially be completely eliminated

By pointing out further wastes, such as system-related waiting times or unnecessary walking distances, a reduction in throughput time of up to 40% could be envisaged

Project Phases

Typical procedure of our consulting projects

Scope of Application

Main areas of application and their use cases

Produktionsprozess Optimierung dank Motion-Mining Technologie. Production process optimization thanks to motion-mining technology.
Ein Mann arbeitet in gehockter, ergonomischer Haltung im Logistikbereich. A man works in a crouched, ergonomic position in the logistics area. Un homme travaille dans une position ergonomique dans la zone logistique.
Health Care Bereich: Eine Krankenschwester untersucht einen Patienten. Health care sector: A nurse examines a patient.


What customers say about us

"As a result of the MotionMiners project in our ECOM logistics centre, it was possible to identify weak points in the area of warehousing and significantly increase efficiency. In the course of this project, different order picking trolleys were compared in terms of ergonomics and the most effective order picking trolley was determined.”


~ Rainer Schmid
Head of Logistics DC E-Commerce

Hugo Boss AG

Zwei Mitarbeiter der MotionMiners GmbH bei der Prozessoptimierung in einer Lagerhalle im Logistikbereich. Mit der Motion-Mining-Technologie führen sie eine automatisierte und optimierte Datenerfassung durch. Two employees of MotionMiners GmbH during an optimizing process in a warehouse in the logistics sector. They use motion mining technology to perform automated and optimized data acquisition.

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