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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0 process optimization & automatic process analysis

Competitive in times of Industry 4.0 & process optimization

In times of advancing industrialization and Industry 4.0. Process optimization helps an automatic process analysis with the Motion-Mining® technology to make people competitive with machines.


The fourth industrial revolution - Industry 4.0 (process optimization)

Industry 4.0 (process optimization) (“Industrial Internet Of Things”) describes the fourth industrial revolution, which has developed in recent years from the increasing networking of various work areas and internet-based information flows. The expression hides a new level of design and control of the entire value chain, including the networking of intelligent products with supply chains and companies along the product life cycle. Entire information flows are subject to change nowadays. For the system to function, it must be ensured that information is available in the required manner, at the right place and at the right time. An organized and well-functioning exchange of information in every direction must be guaranteed at all times.

On the technical side, the cross-functional flow of information is no longer a problem today. In many companies, however, the right prerequisites are lacking, for example with regard to data maintenance or overarching communication channels, in order to be able to implement this along the entire supply chain.

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The interrelation between man and machine

Industry 4.0 & process optimization with Motion-Mining® through an automatic process analysis

According to the principle of Industry 4.0 (process optimization), the mutual interrelation of different objects in operational production systems takes place on the one hand between machines (machine-to-machine) and on the other hand between man and machine (machine-to-person).

Above all, human flexibility and adaptability play an important role here in the context of digitization for industrial value creation. Deserted workplaces are neither economically nor socially desirable.

But where people work and work steps are carried out manually, it is difficult to record and optimize the process in detail. Input and output are often known, the operations within a process often remain a black box for those responsible. In order to close this information gap, the processes must currently be observed, recorded and analyzed by a process engineer.

Stopwatch and clipboard are still part of everyday life for a process engineer.

Manual process analyzes are therefore associated with considerable manual effort and are therefore carried out far too rarely in practice. As a result, rationalization, optimization and ergonomic potential in industrial work processes often remain unused.

With Motion-Mining® technology, employees are equipped with mobile sensors (wearables) and the environment with micro-radio transmitters (beacons) in order to carry out an automatic process analysis and record processes while they are running. It is an automatic process analysis in which the individual work steps are reconstructed and made accessible for further analysis with the help of a self-developed pattern recognition solution based on deep learning. While an automatic process analysis is carried out, the movements, body postures and also the work situation are detected and assigned to the activities in the work process.

For an automatic process analysis, a process engineer no longer has to monitor the entire process e.g. B. document with clipboard and stopwatch, which results in a considerable reduction in effort (approx. 80%) compared to today’s process recordings. Process owners are therefore enabled to carry out the automatic process analysis more frequently, over a longer period of time and with several employees at the same time. Furthermore, following an automatic process analysis using Motion-Mining®, a 40 to 80-fold larger database can be accessed.

MotionMiner's portfolio for automatic process analysis

Automatic process analysis - possibilities of Industry 4.0 & process optimization with Motion-Mining®

On the one hand, consulting services or individual projects are offered on the basis of the Motion-Mining® solution for an automatic process analysis, which enable the customer to test the technology in a clearly defined financial and time frame based on a specific question. On the other hand, the portfolio contains a product solution of the Motion Mining® technology for automatic process analysis, the so-called Manual Process Intelligence solution (MPI). The MPI enables Motion-Mining® product customers to independently carry out an automatic process analysis at one or more locations as required, evaluate it with special analysis software and compare it with results from previous measurements. The measuring equipment required for an automatic process analysis is rented to the customer and represents an independent product. The measuring equipment includes docking stations, beacons, belts and belt clips, as well as sweatbands for carrying the sensors.

Furthermore, the portfolio was expanded in spring (2020) to include the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution. The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution is a corona prevention and contact chain tracking tool. This enables the prevention of new infections, for example by means of live warnings via app to employees. The analysis dashboard of the Tracing Solution allows management to view a wide variety of KPIs and, based on this, to derive preventive measures to protect against infection. Among other things, the following key figures and visualizations can be displayed.

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Automatic process analysis and data protection

Automatic process analysis - privacy and data protection continue to gain importance in the advancing digitization and Industry 4.0 (process optimization).

An automatic process analysis with the Motion-Mining® technology has the advantage that the movement data is recorded anonymously. Employees are no longer observed in person or recorded on video while automated process analysis is in progress. This is also a strong argument for employee representatives.

In times of digitization and Industry 4.0 process optimization, more stringent security standards are required in the area of ​​data processing, among other things to ensure the protection of customer privacy. The GDPR is complied with at all times while an automatic process analysis is carried out with the Motion-Mining® technology.

Pick up everyone involved

Uncertainty among employees due to advancing digitization in times of Industry 4.0 & process optimization

Especially with a view to the topic of Industry 4.0 & process optimization, there is great uncertainty in the public, because people have little idea of ​​what to expect and whether this will actually endanger their own existence. For this reason it is advisable and necessary to implement a permanent integration of innovations in the company with the involvement of professional change management.

In Industry 4.0 (process optimization), management is only one side of the coin. In order to achieve success with the project, the cooperation of the employees is also required. All possible reservations must first be completely removed by the management. In particular, this means that employees must be involved in the decision-making processes. There is no other way to overcome reservations.

It is also important to enable employees to cope with the changed challenges of Industry 4.0 and process optimization. In this context, the need for further training is the first priority.

Through the targeted inclusion of the most modern process analysis technologies for automatic process analysis, company processes in the course of advancing digitization and Industry 4.0 (process optimization) can be mapped with the greatest possible transparency and optimization potentials identified. In this way, companies quickly save time and money. An additional benefit is the immediate impact on the company’s success.

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