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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Process consulting

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The MotionMiners process consulting and logistics consulting

MotionMiners offers logistics consulting and process consulting for logistics and production

MotionMiners offers logistics consulting and process consulting for logistics and production and health care from one source. More than 50 projects for large and medium-sized companies are carried out by our consultants in the areas of logistics consulting and process consulting every year. For this purpose our process consultants are working in about 13 countries. Reduced costs as well as more efficient processes and improved working conditions are typical results of our projects.

Optimal process consulting - from the process survey to the optimization catalog

Logistics consulting and process consulting

Logistics consulting and process consulting distinguish MotionMiners just as much as customer-specific customizing. Processes, structures and systems are viewed and optimized across the board with the help of Motion Mining® technology. Thus we create measurable success for our customers with our logistics consulting and process consulting.

The claim of MotionMiners process consulting is to realize the best solution for each customer. Every customer and every project is unique, so customized solutions are a matter of course for us. We rely on both proven methods and innovative approaches.

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A holistic view of logistics consulting

Logistics advice

Successful solutions require a holistic consulting approach. MotionMiners has comprehensive professional competence, industry expertise and experience. Our process consultants are also logistics specialists. What is important to us: a close partnership with the customer’s team right from the start to ensure the sustainability of the measures.

Methodical-analytical process consulting

Motion Mining® technology

Using Motion Mining® technology, our logistics consulting team determines the existing manual processes methodically and analytically and thus develops the possible specifications for an optimized process.

The type, number and regional location of a company’s logistics centers determine the service level, transport and storage location costs. A whole range of influencing factors must be taken into account. For example, the location costs of a logistics center are analyzed by our logistics consulting. Depending on factors such as the degree of automation of a warehouse or production facility, and the level of labor costs and operational requirements, our process consulting develops individual and customized solutions.

In our process consulting and logistics consulting we generally perform a data-based analysis and benchmarking of the existing logistics. For this we use Motion-Mining®. Here, the employees are equipped with three sensors each over a period of a few weeks and anonymously recorded. In addition to the individual activity and location data, ergonomic data can also be collected in this way. The individual processes are automatically distinguished and delimited from each other by an artificial intelligence. Our logistics and process consulting can then analyze this data in greater depth in order to develop efficiency optimizations and ergonomic improvements.

In addition to transport costs, operational costs and the performance of the infrastructure, we particularly consider the resulting workloads, distances travelled and waiting times.

Working as a team and together with the customer, our logistics consulting and process consulting team designs alternative future scenarios. We always select solutions individually and tailored to the customer and the respective process. Using mathematical methods, we calculate the payback period and ROI of the respective solutions.

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Customer benefits when working with MotionMiners process consulting and logistics consulting

MotionMiners process consulting and logistics consulting

Within the scope of motion mining projects, key parameters for an optimized logistics location are determined in a very short period of time. For you as a customer the following advantages result from the cooperation:

  • ​Uniform understanding for future manual processes
  • Rough estimation of personnel and investments allows statements about the profitability of the existing and future logistic processing
  • Basis for strategic decisions to initiate or continue projects
  • Rapid creation of transparency and analysis of transport costs and structures
  • Evaluation and benchmark of transport costs
  • Identification and coordination of potential areas
  • Development and definition of measures
  • Extensive data set of your manual work processes, collected by Motion-Mining®.
  • Holistic consideration of the efficiency and ergonomics of your locations/processes

Uncover logistics costs thanks to logistics advice

Optimizing logistics costs

For many companies, optimizing logistics costs while maintaining a competitive service level is a major lever for improving profitability.

Regardless of the industry, logistics costs are an essential component of total costs. At the same time, they are often predominantly variable, which can be used for fast and noticeable cost reductions. Thanks to Motion-Mining®, processes can be recorded and analyzed quickly and easily. As a rule, employees are measured automatically with sensors and artificial intelligence for just two weeks. This allows our customers to react quickly to changing logistics and production environments. Through targeted projects with our logistics consulting, the use of motion mining and optional customizing, MotionMiners process consulting supports the sustainable optimization of logistics costs.

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Cost reduction thanks to process consulting

Savings potential

Savings potential exists along the entire supply chain. MotionMiners has many years of experience in the comprehensive optimization of logistics costs. With a holistic approach, Motion-Mining® identifies and identifies weak points thanks to extensive data sets. Thus individual solutions for cost reduction can be developed. Our process consulting supports companies of all industries in reducing their process costs. In addition to immediate cost reduction, we also focus on sustainable measures for cost avoidance. In this way, costs can be reduced by about 15 percent. In individual projects, savings of up to 40 percent have been achieved.

In the future, logistics costs will continue to rise, for example due to increasingly complex global supply chains, strong volume growth or new locations, products and markets.

Typical symptoms of great potential in logistics consulting are poorly utilized transports, long waiting times or a poor route strategy. MotionMiners process consulting is happy to support you in developing efficiency improvements.

The motion mining product solution complements our process consulting

Better to carry out Motion Mining® projects yourself

Would you prefer to carry out Motion-Mining® projects yourself instead of using our process and logistics consulting services? With Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) we have the right solution for you. The MPI enables you to analyze your manual processes independently and whenever you want, quickly and easily.

Your processes are recorded automatically with the help of sensors, which your employees wear on their wrists and belts for a period of one to two weeks. These sensors do not influence your employees in their daily work. In addition, Motion Mining® technology is a solution that does not collect personal data. This means that the DSGVO is not applicable. The ergonomic data collected in this way is automatically linked to the location data thanks to a beacon net system. Beacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that can be quickly placed in the warehouse or production area and work like a separate (indoor) GPS system.

The data collected in this way is automatically analyzed by an artificial intelligence. This currently recognizes more than 50 different activities, such as walking, driving, picking, carrying, but also for example healthy and unhealthy lifting of goods. If you have activities that are not yet included in our catalog, we can use our artificial intelligence to learn more activities thanks to the Machine Learning process. The data are listed in a visual dashboard. This enables your in-house process consulting, logistics consulting or process engineer to independently identify and raise efficiency and ergonomics potentials.

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