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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Industry focus logistics

Even though the trend towards automation continues, we believe that automated solutions must be used in the future to complement human control of process flows. Motion-Mining® not only helps to optimize the process flow, but also uncovers ergonomic potentials at your site. The employees involved in the process will have to perform less unfavorable and more gentle movements in the process flow, which will benefit the long-term health care at your site.

Each project is accompanied by a team of experienced logistics experts who use Motion Mining® technology to record the processes and subject them to an in-depth analysis. Based on the identified potentials, our process experts work out individual catalogs of measures and implementation priorities together with the customers.

In this way, we not only identify ways to make logistics processes more efficient, but also draw up implementation plans that customers can then follow up. The implementation of the optimization measures can also be accompanied by success measurements on the part of MotionMiners.

Illustration of uses

Exemplary application cases

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Goods Receipt

Eine Abbildung von ausgehender Ware in den MotionMiners Unternehmensfarben.

Outgoing Goods

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Cross Docking

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Eine Abbildung von einer Kiste, die retourniert wurde in den MotionMiners Unternehmensfarben.


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Tugger train

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A/B Test

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Our analyses are used in the most diverse areas of intralogistics. With the help of Motion-Mining® technology, we analyze and optimize your processes from goods receipt to storage and picking to goods issue. Our process engineers and MotionMiners Process Intelligence (MPI) also reliably analyze processes within cross-docking systems and value-added services and deliver optimization potential with regard to efficiency and ergonomics. With the help of A/B tests, different working methods or technical solutions can be easily compared in terms of their efficiency or ergonomics.

After the implementation of the suggested optimization measures, a performance measurement can be realized based on the Motion-Mining® technology and the experienced know-how of our process engineers. Our platform, MotionMiners Process Intelligence, shows the success of the optimization measures implemented.

Our customers in the logistics sector



From more than 327 recorded data hours, concrete, quantified weak points in the processes, unnecessary waiting and search times and suggestions for improving the ergonomic design of work processes and equipment were identified.

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Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Bernard
Senior Manager Strategic Projects

Through our partner META, we were able to generate impressive optimisation potential in terms of efficiency and ergonomics with the start-up MotionMiners.

Ein Mann arbeitet in gehockter, ergonomischer Haltung im Logistikbereich. 01
Sebastian Rustige
Strategische Leitung Zentrallogistik, B+M Blumenbecker GmbH

The Motion-Mining® technology enables us as process consultants to offer new analysis options for process optimisation. In addition to the abundance and quality of the data, fischer Consulting was convinced by the possibility of using the data to make ergonomic assessments of workplaces and process systems.

Ein Fischer-Mitarbeiter schüttelt einem der Gründer der MotionMiners, Sascha Kaczmarek, die Hand.
Jan Greschner
Leiter Vertrieb & Marketing fischer Consulting GmbH

The journey analysis carried out by MotionMiners with over 1000 hours of data is an excellent basis for the optimisation and digitalisation of our warehouse processes. We also see a lot of potential for new projects in the future in the AI-supported process analysis by MotionMiners.

Ein lachender Mann in einem weißen Hemd auf einem Bild mit einem grünen Hintergrund.
Christian Dahlmeier
Bereichsleiter Logistikplanung und Qualität, Hermes Einrichtungs Service GmbH & Co. KG

We are very satisfied with the work of MotionMiners. With their solutions, we succeeded in clearly visualising suspected process gaps and waste. Especially the applicability without connection to the existing IT structure has greatly simplified the implementation of the project for us.

Ein Bild von einem grauen, großen Gebäude von außen. Das Gebäude ist das ASM Office.
Christian Fischhaber
Geschäftsführer, ASM Logistics GmbH

Together with MotionMiners, we were able to efficiently analyse our processes in a short time and use the results to target improvement processes. Thank you for the good cooperation.

Ein Bild von einem grauen, großen Gebäude von außen. Das Gebäude ist das Joh.Clouth Büro.
Stefan Wurth & Kerstin Knaack
Geschäftsführung & Leiterin Logistik, Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG

Through a project carried out with "MotionMiners" in our logistics division, we were able to collect internal data that would not have been possible without this methodology. Aspects that are difficult to evaluate in monetary terms, such as ergonomic working conditions, could be substantiated and provided great added value for our employees.

Ein lachender Mann auf einem Bild: Stefan Keseberg von der Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG
Stefan Keseberg
Bereichsleiter Logistik / Head of Logistics, Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG

After the first project with MotionMiners, I would like to especially mention the very professional approach as well as the detailed and multi-layered evaluations. I look forward to continued good cooperation and joint successes.

Ein Mann auf einem Bild, der lacht: Carsten Röhricht von der Nagel Group Kraftverkehr
Carsten Röhricht
Projektmanager Kraftverkehr Nagel GmbH & Co.KG

We do not leave anything up to chance. This not only applies to our products and system solutions, but also to our internal workflows and logistics processes.

Ein Mann auf einem Bild: Helmut Eisenkolb von der Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG
Helmut Eisenkolb
Head of Logistics Department Würth Industrie Service GmbH & Co KG

With MotionMiners, our processes are filigree analysed under real conditions. The anonymity and privacy of our employees is very important to us.

Ein Mann auf einem Bild: Stefan Hohm - Dachser Group SE & Co. KG. Er trägt einen Anzug.
Stefan Hohm
CDO Dachser Group SE & Co. KG

Through the MotionMiners project in our ECOM logistics centre, weak points in the storage area could be identified and efficiency significantly increased. In the course of this, various order picking trolleys were compared in terms of ergonomics and the most ergonomically sensible order picking trolley was determined.

Ein lächelnder Mann auf einem Bild: Schmid Rainer von Hugo Boss. Er trägt einen Anzug.
Rainer Schmid
Head of Logistics DC E-Commerce Hugo Boss AG