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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Manual Process Intelligence

MPI Produktkoffer mit Messungshardware und Sensoren, Smartphone, Tablets, Handbuch und Beacons.

The Motion-Mining® Product Solution

Independent execution of Motion-Mining® projects

We have learned a lot from the experience gained during more than 35 consulting projects with 30 customers in over 10 countries. We have used this experience to further develop Motion-Mining® technology. Together with our customers we have now integrated our knowledge of processes, mobile sensor technology and artificial intelligence into a product solution and tested it in practice. The result is a mobile Motion-Mining® solution that enables companies to independently analyze their processes in terms of efficiency and ergonomics. The measurement results are made available as KPIs and visualizations such as diagrams or heat maps in an analysis dashboard. The Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) is the Motion-Mining® product solution that enables our customers to independently carry out Motion-Mining® projects, starting with the process definition up to the evaluation of the final result. Our versatile licensing models match the different requirements of our customers, no matter if they are industrial companies, SMEs or consulting service providers.

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Easy to use Measuring Equipment

Sensors collect the necessary raw data

The usability of our hardware has now become even easier and enables our product customers to collect activity and ergonomics data independently. The MPI includes extensive portable measuring equipment. Process employees wear sensors on their wrists and belts for data collection. Wearing these sensors permits the usual execution of all work processes. The included beacons are attached in the surrounding area and on work equipment for the purpose of localization. All recorded data is synchronized by using a docking station and transferred to the MPI platform. A special self-help app on a tablet is provided to support employees during the measurement.
All measurement equipment is delivered in a durable transport case.

Motion-Mining Technologie - Messausrüstung: Tablet, Docking Station, Sensoren, Smartphone etc.

User-Friendly Analysis Dashboard

AI supported data evaluation

The analysis dashboard of the MPI platform gives the user the ability to define the processes under review and evaluate uploaded measurement data using our AI models. Each analysis receives specific key figures and graphic illustrations of the acquired data. The MPI platform is a valuable tool for conducting analysis projects. In addition to process definition and evaluations, the platform also offers various reporting and export functions. Manual work processes can thus be analyzed and optimized quickly and in a time-saving manner on the basis of solid datasets regarding their efficiency and ergonomics.

MPI platform: 1.layout definition, 2.process data acquisition, 3.process definition, 4.MotionMiners AI and 5.interpretation.

Simple, Fast and Efficient

Extensive analyses with the MPI

Each project is divided into five simple steps: In a first step, the work and functional areas that are to be analyzed are defined in a layout. Then the process data is recorded and the processes including important work steps and possible special cases are specified.

The collected data can then be analyzed and evaluated based on the process definition by the MotionMiners-AI, a highly specialized artificial intelligence. The results may then be interpreted and further processed in our analysis dashboard.

The MPI solution plays an integral role in identifying and leveraging hidden optimization potential in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Scope of Application

Main areas of application and their use cases

Whether you are a new customer or already know us from a service project, with one of our Proof-of-Value packages we will be happy to help you with your decision-making. Together, we work out the most diverse use cases and elicit the various possible applications of the Motion-Mining® product solution, Manual Process Intelligence (MPI), in your plant or warehouse. You will receive your business case and the corresponding KPIs as a presentation catalog. If required, we will also further process the data for you and create a comprehensive catalog of measures. Your soft start into the world of Motion Mining®.

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Small proof of value

Find and point out optimization approaches.

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Medium proof of value

Joint answering of the questions and development of optimization measures.

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Large proof of value

Answering questions and developing optimization measures by MotionMiners.

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Analysis Dimensions

Wide range of analysis tools

Chart Analysis Dimension: Location-specific- ergonomics analyses, activity key figures etc.


As a logistics service provider, we are constantly looking for ways to further improve our processes. Motion-Mining® offers us an innovative solution to automatically record and evaluate our processes. Improvement potentials can thus be discovered in a fresh and new way. The last 12 months were literally a journey with MotionMiners and their technology.

Zwei Frauen auf einem Bild. Theresa Teigelkamp & Julia Thun - Rhenus Logistics
Theresa Teigelkamp & Julia Thun
Rhenus Logistics

As an MPI beta user, Schenker Deutschland AG has successfully tested the method using various use cases in warehouse logistics. Conclusion: An important tool in our lean management portfolio with great prospects for further development - we look forward to the new releases and further joint projects in the future. - Enjoy Motion-Mining®.

Ein Mann in einem Anzug auf einem Bild: Gerald Müller – Deutsche Bahn (DB) Schenker
Gerald Müller
Vice President of Industrial Engineering Schenker AG

We at META Regalbau were convinced by the graphically good preparation of the data as well as the quick implementation of our suggestions and wishes.

Eine Frau auf einem Bild: Kerstin Fiedler - Meta Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG
Kerstin Fiedler
Manager Digital Innovation & Technology META-Regalbau GmbH & Co. KG

The Motion-Mining® technology enables us as process consultants to offer new analysis options for process optimisation. In addition to the abundance and quality of the data, fischer Consulting was convinced by the possibility of using the data to make ergonomic assessments of workplaces and process systems.

Ein Fischer-Mitarbeiter schüttelt einem der Gründer der MotionMiners, Sascha Kaczmarek, die Hand.
Jan Greschner
Leiter Vertrieb & Marketing fischer Consulting GmbH