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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Our product MotionMiners SOLUTIONS

MotionMiners Solutions

The platform for finding solutions to industrial challenges

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS is a digital platform for planning and controlling process optimization projects in the industry. Here, a precise networking of the supply and demand side, the supplier and the process owner, is realized. The platform provides tailor-made product solutions and optimization approaches for both already known and sometimes undiscovered problems. As a digital process consultant, the platform supports process engineers and planners in uncovering and quantifying potential improvements in processes and finding suitable solutions. At the same time, MotionMiners SOLUTIONS offers suppliers the opportunity to present themselves and their product solutions.

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The core of the platform is the linking of concrete problems with customized solutions and optimization approaches. The user selects a problem within the landscape page by clicking on it. Various possible solutions are then displayed. For example, the landscape points out that high ergonomic loads often occur in order picking and offers exoskeletons or job rotation as possible solutions. On the following solutions pages, the solutions are presented specifically and pain points are listed that can be eliminated by a solution. These are assigned to so-called hints, which can be used to verify whether a challenge actually exists and what optimization potential is hidden behind it.

Find the right product solution

The new MotionMiners SOLUTIONS

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS is not only to be considered as a stand-alone process consultant. Rather, it can be linked to MotionMiners INSIGHTS at the same time as an extension within MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI). On the one hand, the linkage makes it possible to quantify the pain points on the basis of the user’s own process data. In addition, challenges identified during process analysis can be directly linked to concrete solutions. The platform enables solution providers to offer their products on offering pages and to provide key facts so that solution seekers can compare the products with each other.

In this way, the solution seeker has the opportunity to find the right provider for the specific challenge and to contact them with concrete questions. The platform accompanies the process owner as a digital process consultant – from the initial intuition to the concrete solution and its implementation.

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