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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Independent implementation of optimization projects with MotionMiners Process Intelligence (MPI)

Our MPI is a superordinate platform in which you can use various Motion Mining® offerings.

  • With MotionMiners INSIGHTS, you receive all data and facts about your processes and uncover your individual optimization potentials.
  • In our MotionMiners SOLUTIONS you will not only find a catalog of measures which will help you to implement the optimization potentials. You will also find technology providers who can actively support you in implementing these measures.
  • MotionMiners LABS is aimed specifically at teaching and research institutions that want to teach their students how to use new technologies.

You would like to optimize the processes in your process environment, but prefer to start with an “all-round carefree package”?

Our experienced process engineers will be happy to accompany you in your first service project and familiarize you with the Motion-Mining® technology. You can find more information when you click on the button below:

MotionMiners INSIGHTS

Independent process analyses with Motion-Mining®

Each Motion Mining® project is divided into six steps. It starts with the definition of the layout, the creation of process-specific measurement scenarios and the identification of the work and functional areas to be analyzed. This is followed by the recording of the measurement data using Motion Mining® technology. For this purpose, hardware consisting of beacons, sensors and a docking station is supplied and used.

Based on the process definitions, the collected and uploaded measurement data is analyzed and evaluated by the Motion-Mining® algorithm. For each project, specific key figures are summarized here and reproduced by customizable visualizations. For example, it is possible to use various filters and select from different reporting and export functions.
In order to be able to optimize the uncovered potential for improvement, we offer a direct link to our MotionMiners SOLUTIONS, where you can find the right solution for your individual problem through user-friendly filter techniques.


The platform for finding solutions to industrial challenges

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS is a digital platform for planning and controlling process optimization projects in industry. Here, a precise networking of the supply and demand side, the supplier and the process owner, is realized. The platform provides customized product solutions and optimization approaches for both already known and sometimes undiscovered problems. As a digital process consultant, the platform supports process engineers and planners in uncovering and quantifying potential improvements in processes and finding suitable solutions. At the same time, MotionMiners SOLUTIONS offers suppliers the opportunity to present themselves and their product solutions.


The Motion Mining® Technology for Teaching & Research Purposes

Numerous teaching and research institutions nowadays have courses or laboratory environments in which new technologies are made tangible in a practical way.

We have developed MotionMiners LABS especially for teaching and research purposes at universities, technical colleges and research institutes – a solution with which we make MotionMiners Process Intelligence (MPI) tangible for non-commercial purposes.