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We are the Motion-Miners GmbH from Dortmund. Making easier for companies to perform analyses regarding efficiency and ergonomics for process optimization.

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Research projects

Research projects

Current projects in the area of research and development

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In this project, we worked together with Canadian and German partners to link intralogistics and traffic logistics process data (especially live fleet tracking) in real time.

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Input free station

In hospitals, a high documentation workload leads to a burden on nursing staff. Depending on the department, nursing staff spend up to two hours a day on documentation. This is where we want to find a remedy.

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Pay Per Motion

As part of the BMWI's innovation program for business models and pioneering solutions, an innovative business model for the motion mining solution is being developed together with the Chair of Industrial Sales and Service Engineering at Ruhr University Bochum. Based on the current business model logic, new business model variants are developed, simulated and tested here.

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Hospitals in particular are dependent on high-performance information and communication technologies that are secure, of high quality, reliable and available. Within this research project, the feasibility of a 5G-based network infrastructure based on OpenRAN in hospitals will be examined.

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This project serves the purpose of developing a model for a data-driven factory of the future. Based on the most innovative processes and using artificial intelligence, the factory planning, production, logistics and enterprise architecture of the user companies will be analyzed and transformed in pilot areas.

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