Eine Krankenschwester untersucht ein Patient im Health Care Bereich. A nurse examines a patient in the health care sector.

Health Care

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Health Care Bereich: Krankenschwester richtet das Bett her. Health Care area: Nurse prepares the bed

Hospitals live from manual logistics processes that run behind the scenes and ensure the medical care of patients and the daily operation of the hospital. Our Motion-Mining® technology enables automatic process analyses of all manual processes in hospitals. Within our optimization projects, process key figures and times are determined and cost saving and optimization potentials are displayed.With our solution, new options for quantifying and verifying manual processes are now available for the first time for process optimization in hospitals. 

Thanks to our partnerships, for example with SANRIVUS, we have strong partners with knowledge of clinical processes and structures at our side.

Highlights at a glance

  • Save time and expenses in identifying weak points in your clinical processes through automatic recording, analysis and simulation

  • Individual recording of additional information, e.g. on patients, is possible

  • Complete anonymization of the collected employee and patient data

Exemplary application cases

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Bed Logistics
Material Supply
A/B Test
Target Evaluation
Patient Flow
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OP logistics

The surgical area is the heart of every hospital. It offers the greatest value creation potential and is also the most cost-intensive area. Together with our partners, we analyse and optimise the service and logistics processes of your surgery area. This includes, for example, supplying the operating room with materials (e.g. using a trolley), straightening instruments, cleaning the operating room, preparing trays, and storing and picking surgical material.

Transport or supply logistics

The Motion-Mining® technology offers a solution for the transparent visualization of transport and supply processes in your hospital. All movements, both material and patient transports, can be displayed within the building. The results are presented graphically and made available in the form of reports. The analysis includes, for example, an automatic display of routes and important intersections, the determination of waiting times in front of elevators or the recording of loads when pushing beds or carts.

Bed logistics

The system assists service processes in bed logistics, for example by determining cleaning times to ensure quality standards.

Project Phases

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Complementing our know-how with specialist expertise

SANRIVUS is an independent consulting company in the health care sector for 10 years. A focus is the optimisation of process workflows and organisational structures in hospitals.


What our partners say about us

“The innovative solution of Motion Mining® technology convinced us from the very beginning.

I am proud to be the first partner of MotionMiners in the health care sector to be able to achieve a head start for our customers.

Thanks to the automatic process recording and evaluation, running processes are not disturbed, which is an advantage in the daily clinic routine. In combination with our simulation tool, we develop the optimal process flow for the individual situation of the clinic on this basis.

~ Christian Dürk
executive Director

SANRIVUS Health Care Consulting

Zwei Mitarbeiter der MotionMiners GmbH bei der Prozessoptimierung in einer Lagerhalle im Logistikbereich. Mit der Motion-Mining-Technologie führen sie eine automatisierte und optimierte Datenerfassung durch. Two employees of MotionMiners GmbH during an optimizing process in a warehouse in the logistics sector. They use motion mining technology to perform automated and optimized data acquisition.

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