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Our Consulting Services

Fast, convenient and tailored to your needs

MotionMiners GmbH has been consulting customers worldwide in the field of manual work processes since 2017.

Through the experience of more than 35 consulting projects with 30 customers we have been able to apply our expertise and experience to further develop the Motion-Mining® technology.


Each project is carried out by experienced process engineers who use Motion-Mining® technology to record the processes and conduct in-depth analysis. Based on the identified potentials, we develop together with our customers individual measures and thereby identify opportunities for more efficient and ergonomic work processes.


​In addition to efficiency analyses and optimisation, we also focus on ergonomic aspects. By using scientific ergonomic methods (e.g. Leitmerkmalmethode) we evaluate manual processes from an ergonomic point of view and thus develop optimization measures.

Highlights at a glance

  • No integration into operational IT necessary

  • Holistic analysis of efficiency and ergonomics

  • Time saving through automatic recording and analysis

  • Complete anonymization of the collected employee data


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Research Projects

Current projects in research and development

MotionMiner's research project in Canada Ertrawos.


In our Canadian research project we are working on linking intralogistic process data with those of traffic logistics (especially live fleet tracking).

MotionMiners research project in the field of health care: Eingabe Freie Station.

Eingabefreie Station

In hospitals, a high documentation effort leads to a strain on the nursing staff. Depending on the department, nursing staff spend up to two hours per day on documentation. This is where we want to find a remedy.


Pay Per Motion

As part of the innovation program for business models and pioneering solutions of the BMWI, an innovative business model for the motion mining solution is being developed together with the Chair of Industrial Sales and Service Engineering at the Ruhr University Bochum. Based on the current business model logic, new business model variants are developed, simulated and tested here.

"As a result of the MotionMiners project in our ECOM logistics centre, it was possible to identify weak points in the area of warehousing and significantly increase efficiency. In the course of this project, different order picking trolleys were compared in terms of ergonomics and the most effective order picking trolley was determined.”


~ Rainer Schmid
Head of Logistics DC E-Commerce

Hugo Boss AG


What customers say about us