Lean Six Sigma meets Motion-Mining®

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“We thought for a long time how we could bring Lean Six Sigma together with Motion-Mining®. We have absolutely succeeded in our partnership with oloido and the resulting new training courses "


- Sascha Kaczmarek, managing director and co-founder of MotionMiners.

Lean Six Sigma and Motion-Mining®

Specialized Six Sigma training

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology for optimizing processes in organizations, such as vaccination in medical practices. However, one of the greatest challenges in optimization is always the availability or the collection of valid data.


With the Motion Mining® technology, manual processes can be easily recorded and analyzed. Embedded in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, it is possible to analyze and optimize processes at a much higher speed. Whereas previously complex time measurements were required and the data could often not be used reliably, it is now possible to use better and more extensive data for the analysis.


Our partner in the field of coaching

The oloido team has many years of experience in the optimization of business processes and the implementation of training, coaching and consulting services for optimization and reorganization. The embedding of the technology in the training concepts creates a training format that, in this combination, is unique on the market. oloido enables its customers to implement optimizations in their own organization independently and sustainably and supports them in the implementation of these changes.


Training offers

You too can use the leverage effect


What our partner say about us


“Motion-Mining® is not only one of the most exciting technologies I have come across in recent years, but also a long-awaited problem solver. It has never been so easy to collect data and know that you can rely on this data - without any additional effort! Motion-Mining® is therefore the ideal addition to our range of services at oloido. We are very happy about this match! "

~ Dr. Sven Brose
CEO and founder of oloido


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