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Originally designed for the analysis of logistic processes, Motion-Mining® offers a wide range of applications in this field. Since 2017 MotionMiners GmbH has been consulting customers worldwide in the field of intralogistic work processes.


Each project is accompanied by a team of experienced logistics experts who use Motion-Mining® technology to record and carefully analyse the processes. Based on the identified potentials, our experts develop individual measures and implementation priorities together with the customer. This not only points out ways to more efficient logistics processes, but also provides implementation plans that customers can then follow. The implementation of the optimization measures can also be accompanied by performance measurements by MotionMiners GmbH. 


Highlights at a glance

  • No integration into operational IT necessary

  • Holistic analysis of efficiency and ergonomics

  • Time saving through automatic recording and analysis

  • Complete anonymization of the collected employee data

  • Tailor-made action catalogues complete with implementation prioritisation 

Exemplary application cases

Illustration of uses

Our analyses are used in the various intralogistic areas. With the help of Motion-Mining® technology, we analyse and optimise your processes from incoming goods to storage, picking and dispatch. Our process engineers also thoroughly analyze processes within cross-docking systems and value-added services and provide optimization potential in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Project Phases

We carry out your projects

Use Case - Hugo Boss

One of the first logistical use cases was implemented for HUGO BOSS AG. It was also the first use of Motion-Mining® for the analysis of processes in the fashion logistics sector. As part of the joint project, the warehousing process for consumer shipping in an e-commerce warehouse of the fashion company was examined.


Within the project two specific questions were considered: On the one hand, three storage trolleys were compared with each other with regard to the handling effort involved as well as ergonomic aspects. On the other hand, the general workflow of the system-guided warehousing process was analysed and evaluated. In both cases, HUGO BOSS was able to identify valuable recommendations for action.

Use case - META / Blumenbecker

The partners META and MotionMiners have carried out an extensive cooperation project at Blumenbecker. The project convinced not only the management, but also the works councils and employees of the benefits of Motion-Mining®.

Thanks to the project, Blumenbecker has gained impressive insights as well as a very valuable guide to optimising their processes, as previously unrecognised potential can now be leveraged and efficiency increased by up to 40%. A real competitive advantage.


Our customers in the logistics sector.


What customers say about us.

"As an MPI Beta user, Schenker Deutschland AG has successfully tested the technology using various use cases in warehouse logistics. Conclusion: An important tool in our Lean Management portfolio with great prospects for further development - we are looking forward to the new releases and many more joint projects in the future. - Enjoy Motion-Mining®."


~ Gerald Müller

Vice President of Industrial Engineering

Schenker AG


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