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Employee protection and contact tracing for a safe working environment

Since the outbreak of the respiratory disease Covid-19, the number of infections and deaths has risen sharply worldwide. Currently, there are over 180 million confirmed infections and already over 3,900,000 known deaths. However, even in these special times, business operations must be maintained. It is of particular importance to focus on the protection of employees and to be able to quickly and easily trace and categorize the chain of contact in case of infection. This is exactly what we have developed the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution for. In doing so, we build heavily on our experience in the field of automated process analysis of manual work processes.

MMTS MotionMining Tracing Solution Logo

A Challenge Many Companies are Facing

Prevention of infection and securing business operations

Companies are currently faced with the challenge of both preventively reducing the risk of infection and, in the event of infection, avoiding a complete shutdown through rapid and correct tracing and classification of the contact chain. Therefore:


  • Keep your distance

  • Trace infection chains quickly

  • Implement new hygiene recommendations

  • Identify and secure high-traffic areas

  • Reduce personal contacts and keep them to a minimum

  • Trace chains of contact and quickly categorize contacts


The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution helps organizations meet these challenges.

Corona icons: distance, time, wash hands, crowd, location, contact chain
Figure Covid-19 infection risk: It shows how a person with Covid-19 infection can minimize the spread when using the Motion Mining Tracing Solution technology.

High risk potential from undetected infections

An infected person can cause a damage of up to 1.6 million €

Based on the assumption that an infected employee has approximately five new critical contacts per day and is contagious over a period of ten days, we have compared the infection trajectories with and without Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution.

Without Covid-19 effective precautions, one employee potentially infects up to 500 other employees. With our new Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution, the number of new infections can be minimized to potentially 50 employees.

The damage to a company from an uncontrolled infection is 37,000 man-hours and €1,600,000. With the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution, this damage can be reduced to 3,700 working hours and €160,000. This calculation is based on an average working day of 7.5 hours, with an hourly wage (+overhead) of 43€.

Rich Feature Set

AI supported data evaluation

The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution offers several features for prevention and contact tracing:


  • Simplified tracing of the infection chain (even for visitors).

  • Automatic categorization of contacts to avoid lockdown

  • Detection of hotspots in the plant and anonymous sensitization of potential superspreaders

Motion-Mining Tracing Solution diagram: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI/KI), MotionMiners GmbH can more efficiently contain Covid-19 propagation analysis.

Easy to use Hardware

Tracer for scalable use

The combination of tracers and beacons makes the solution easy to install and use. The beacons are placed at relevant locations within the facility (outdoor areas are also possible), enabling location-based analysis of contacts to detect critical areas. With the help of the tracers (convenient to wear on a wristband, belt clip or lanyard), it is possible to determine whether and for how long employees or visitors have had contact, enabling automatic categorization and tracing of the infection chain in the event of infection.

Personal report Website

QR code and tracer

The QR code on each tracer enables your employees to access a personal report website. The QR code can be scanned with any standard smartphone. The report website contains information about the frequency and duration of contact with other tracers, about category 1 encounters, and allows you to quantify, question, and adjust your own contact behavior if necessary. In this way, every employee in the company can make his or her contribution to active infection control.


User-Friendly Analysis Dashboard

Visulisation for simple data evaluation

The analysis dashboard is a tool for infection prevention. The MMTS dashboard allows various key figures to be evaluated and protective measures to be derived. These include:

  • Contact metrics e.g. category 1 or more contacts.

    • Evaluation of encounter duration

    • Cat-1 per day and region (over 14 days)

    • Further contacts (near/far) per day and region (over 14 days)

  • Identification of contact hotspots in the company

  • Various reporting and export functions on reques

Low Costs for Highest Business Performance

Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution at an attractive price

Despite the extensive features, we can offer them at a very fair and attractive price. Our prices are based on the quantity, the required tracers and radio transmitters. Protect your employees today to be prepared for the future. Do not hesitate and contact us!

Together we are strong in the fight against Corona!

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