Motion-Mining Tracing Solution Technologie: App und Analyse-Dashboard; ein Konzept für die Prävention von Covid-19 (Corona) und zur Rückverfolgung möglicher Kontaktpersonen. Motion-Mining Tracing Solution technology: application and analysis dashboard; a concept for the prevention of Covid-19 (Corona) and for tracing possible contact persons.

Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution

Die Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution

Employee protection and contact tracing for a safe working environment

Since the outbreak of the respiratory disease Covid-19, the number of infections and deaths has risen dramatically worldwide. Currently, there are over 30 million confirmed infections and over 1,000,000 reported deaths. However, business operations must be maintained even in these challenging times. It is essential to focus on the protection of employees and to be able to quickly and easily trace and categorize the infection contact chain. We have developed the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution exactly for this purpose. In doing so, we build heavily on our experience in the field of automated process analysis of manual work processes.

A Challenge Many Companies are Facing

Prevention of infection and securing business operations

Companies are currently faced with the challenge of both preventing the risk of infection and avoiding a company-wide shutdown in the event of an infection through fast and accurate tracing and classification of the contact chain. This means that the following applies:

  • Keep a distance of 1.5 m

  • Reduce personal contacts and keep them to a minimum

  • Implement hygiene recommendations

  • Identify and organize highly frequented regions

  • Quickly locate cases of infection

  • Trace contact chains and categorize contact persons

The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution supports businesses in mastering these challenges.

High risk potential from undetected infections

An infected person can cause a damage of up to 1.6 million €

Based on the assumption that an infected employee has about five new critical contacts per day and is contagious over a period of ten days, we have compared the infection courses with and without the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution.

Without Covid-19 protective measures, one employee potentially infects up to 500 other employees. With the help of our new Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution, the number of new infections can be minimized to potentially 50 employees.

The damage to a company in the event of uncontrolled spreading of Covid-19 amounts to 37,000 working hours and € 1,600,000. With the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution this damage can be reduced to 3,700 working hours and 160,000 €. This calculation is based on an average working day of 7.5 hours, with an hourly wage (+ overhead) of 43€.  

Rich Feature Set

AI supported data evaluation

A variety of features ensure reliable processes
The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution offers a range of features for infection prevention and tracing:

  • Fast and easy tracing of an infection chain

  • Automatic categorization of contact persons to avoid a lockdown

  • Real-time feedback via app (acoustic, haptic and visual):

  • If the distance falls below the minimum distance

  • If the contact time of 15 min is exceeded

  • As a reminder of regular hand hygiene and ventilation of rooms

  • For warning of critical and high-frequency areas for contact reduction

  • In case of infection for information on further measures to be taken

  • Detection of clusters of contacts to identify potential superspreaders

  • etcetera

All features thereby always comply with the applicable data protection regulations.

Easy to use Hard- and Software

Beacons and mobile app to ensure scalable deployment

The combination of app and beacons for indoor localization allows for easy installation and utilisation of the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution.

The beacons are placed at relevant locations within the building and thus enable a location-based analysis of contact activities to identify critical areas. The app can be used to determine exactly whether and how long employees have been in contact with each other, so that in the event of an infection, which can be easily reported to the system via the app, automatic categorization and tracing of the infection chain can be enabled. In addition, the app provides real-time acoustic, visual and haptic feedback in relation to various hygiene requirements and cases of infection.

User-Friendly Analysis Dashboard

Visulisation for simple data evaluation

The analysis dashboard of the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution allows the management to look at various KPIs and to derive preventive measures for infection control based on these KPIs. Among others, the following KPIs and visualizations can be displayed:

  • Statistical key figures about cases in category 1 or 2

  • Frequency of Cat.1/ Cat.2 encounters per day

  • Frequency of Cat.1/ Cat.2 encounters per region

  • Duration of meetings per day and area

  • Average number of employees per division

  • Display of hotspots in the layout with the help of heat maps

  • People Cluster

  • etc.

The analysis dashboard is a valuable tool for infection prevention. In addition to analyses, the dashboard also offers various on-demand reporting and export functions.

Low Costs for Highest Business Performance

Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution at an attractive price

Despite the numerous and substantial feature set of the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution we can offer it at a very fair and attractive price.

Our prices are based on the number of employees and the minimum duration. Protect your employees today and be well prepared for the future. Take no hesitation and contact us!

Together we are strong in the fight against Corona!

Zwei Mitarbeiter der MotionMiners GmbH bei der Prozessoptimierung in einer Lagerhalle im Logistikbereich. Mit der Motion-Mining-Technologie führen sie eine automatisierte und optimierte Datenerfassung durch. Two employees of MotionMiners GmbH during an optimizing process in a warehouse in the logistics sector. They use motion mining technology to perform automated and optimized data acquisition.

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