Ein MotionMiners Mitarbeiter erklärt seinem Kunden die Motion-Mining Technologie zur automatischen Datenmessung und deren Vorteile. A MotionMiners employee explains to his customer the motion mining technology for automatic data measurement and its advantages.


Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) Produktkoffer mit Messungshardware und Inhalten wie mobile Sensoren, Smartphone, Tablets, Handbuch und Beacons. Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) product case with measurement hardware and content such as mobile sensors, smartphone, tablets, manual and beacons. Mallette de produit Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) avec matériel de mesure et contenu tels que capteurs mobiles, smartphones, tablettes, manuel et balises.
Best Product of the Year 2020 LogiMAT - Award for process optimisation efficiency and ergonomics

The Motion-Mining® Product Solution

Independent execution of Motion-Mining® projects

We have learned a lot from the experience gained during more than 35 consulting projects with 30 customers in over 10 countries. We have used this experience to further develop Motion-Mining® technology. Together with our customers we have now integrated our knowledge of processes, mobile sensor technology and artificial intelligence into a product solution and tested it in practice. The result is a mobile Motion-Mining® solution that enables companies to independently analyze their processes in terms of efficiency and ergonomics. The measurement results are made available as KPIs and visualizations such as diagrams or heat maps in an analysis dashboard.


The Manual Process Intelligence (MPI) is the Motion-Mining® product solution that enables our customers to independently carry out Motion-Mining® projects, starting with the process definition up to the evaluation of the final result.  Our versatile licensing models match the different requirements of our customers, no matter if they are industrial companies, SMEs or consulting service providers.

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The Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution

Employee protection and contact tracing for a safe working environment

Since the outbreak of the respiratory disease Covid-19, the number of infections and deaths has risen dramatically worldwide. Currently, there are over 180 million confirmed infections and over 3,900,000 reported deaths. However, business operations must be maintained even in these challenging times. It is essential to focus on the protection of employees and to be able to quickly and easily trace and categorize the infection contact chain. We have developed the Motion-Mining® Tracing Solution exactly for this purpose. In doing so, we build heavily on our experience in the field of automated process analysis of manual work processes.

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Drei Office Frauen arbeiten in geringem Abstand zueinander. Ihre Geräte werden durch die Motion-Mining Tracing Solution getrackt, um die Dauer und den Abstand zu messen. Bei einem zu geringen Abstand über einen längeren Zeitraum, werden die Nutzer gewarnt, um Corona (Covid-19) zu vorzubeugen. Three Office women work in smaller distances, the devices are tracked by the Motion-Mining Tracing Solution to measure duration and distance. If the distance is too small over a longer period of time, the users are warned to avoid corona (Covid-19).

Lean Six Sigma meets Motion-Mining®

Specialized Six Sigma training with our partner oloido

With the Motion Mining® technology, manual processes can be easily recorded and analyzed. Embedded in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, it is possible to analyze and optimize processes at a much higher speed. Whereas previously complex time measurements were required and the data could often not be used reliably, it is now possible to use better and more extensive data for the analysis. With its unique training concept consisting of Six Sigma and Motion-Mining® methodologies, oloido enables its customers to implement optimizations in their own organization independently and sustainably and supports them in the implementation of these changes.

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Ein Mann arbeitet in gehockter, ergonomischer Haltung im Logistikbereich. A man works in an ergonomic, crouched position in the logistics area.
Manual process intelligence
Geschäftsfrauen mit Gesichtsmasken in der Corona Zeit nutzen die neue „Motion-Mining Tracing Solution“ Technologie, um die Krankheit bei der Arbeit einzudämmen. Businesswomen with face masks in the Corona period use the new "Motion-Mining Tracing Solution" technology to contain the disease at work.
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Tracing solution
Lean Six Sigma


What customers say about us

Fischer employee shakes hands with MotionMiner's employee: Sascha Kaczmarek

"The Motion-Mining® technology enables us, as process consultants, to offer new analysis possibilities for process optimization.


fischer Consulting was convinced not only by the richness and quality of the data, but also by the possibility of conducting ergonomic evaluations of workstations and process systems.


A perfect symbiosis for optimising processes and ergonomics. And at the same time with a modest utilization of resources, something which in the past could not be determined nearly as well by means of close process observation.


With the MotionMiners team, we have an innovative partner who reacts quickly to our needs, provides excellent support and, with the MPI platform, offers us a well-founded analysis option for our customers".


~ Jan Greschner
Head of Sales & Marketing

fischer Consulting GmbH

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