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Automated and Anonymous
Analysis and Optimization of Manual Processes
Schaubild Motion-Mining Prozessoptimierung in den Anwendungsbereichen: Logistik, Health Care und Produktion. Diagram Motion Mining Process optimization in application areas: logistics, health care and production.

Fields of Use 

Wide range of applications

Human flexibility and adaptability play an important role in the industrial value creation, even in an age of digitalisation. However, the analysis and optimization of manual work steps often turns out to be costly and complicated.

Motion-Mining® enables an automatic and anonymous analysis of manual work processes regarding their ergonomics and efficiency, in a wide range of application areas such as logistics, production and hospitals.

Schaubild Motion-Mining Technologie im Einsatz mit Sensoren, Hardware, Beacon, Gürtel und Schweißband zur ergonomischen und effizienten Prozessoptimierung. Diagram Motion-Mining Technology in use with sensors, hardware, beacon, belt, and sweatband for ergonomic and efficient process optimization.

Activities & Ergonomics

Sensors for employees and tools

Your employees wear wear wearables (mobile sensors) on their wrists and belts to anonymously record the various activities. Thanks to inertial measurement units, these sensors can collect very fine data such as hand gestures or vibrations.


Wearing these sensors is very comfortable and can be be worn during all work processes during an entire shift.

If required, aids such as transport equipment or forklifts can also be equipped with special sensors to provide even more accurate human-machine interaction data.

Motion-Mining Technologie Hardware zur Lokalisierung: Beacon und Smartphone mit Motion-Mining Application. Motion-Mining Technology Hardware for localization: Beacon and Smartphone with Motion-Mining Application.


Data that is not affected by the GDPR

The localization of employees and activities is done with our Beacon technology. These are miniature radio transmitters which, thanks to their integrated power source, can be quickly installed in the relevant process regions. The special MotionMiners app captures the beacon signals, similar to GPS positioning, and calculates the location. 

We put great emphasis on the security and anonymization of our data. Thus all measured values (ergonomics and localization data) are always collected without employee reference. Motion-Mining® analyses therefore do not open up the scope of the GDPR.

Künstliche Intelligenz (AI/KI) erkennt ergonomische Handlungen: Normale Haltung, Überkopf, gebeugte Bewegungen und Handlungen: stehen, laufen, fahren. Artificial intelligence (AI/KI) recognizes ergonomic actions: Normal, overhead, flexed movements and actions: standing, walking, driving.

MotionMiners AI

Automatic analyses thanks to AI

The collected data is automatically analyzed. Activities and process steps are assigned using a specially developed pattern recognition method based on deep learning, the MotionMiners AI.

This artificial intelligence automatically recognizes the various process elements, such as waiting and picking times. Thanks to the analysis of ergonomics, unhealthy bending processes, overhead work or walking distances can also be analyzed. The recognition catalogue currently includes more than 50 different activities and can be trained to include new processes if required.

Schaubild von Dimension der Analyse: Heatmap, Kreisdiagramm, Netzdiagramm, Balkendiagramm und Ausreißerdiagramm. Chart of dimension of analysis: heat map, pie chart, network chart, bar chart and outlier chart.

Analysis Dimensions

Wide range of analytical possibilities

Anyone who has completed projects with us as part of our consulting services is aware of the high quality and diverse scope of our analyses. Thanks to our experience and technical know-how, we are able to respond to customer-specific requests.


For our customers who want to carry out Motion-Mining® projects with the Manual Process Intelligence (MPI), our product solution, we already offer a wide range of analyses possibilities.


Our analysis dimensions in MPI currently include:


  • Location specific analyses

  • Ergonomic analyses

  • Activity figures

  • Use of vehicles & aids

  • Process specific analyses

Sascha Feldhorst redet mit zwei Kunden über die Dienstleistung und Service Motion-Mining zur Prozessoptimierung. Sascha Feldhorst talks to two customers about service and service motion mining for process optimization.
Consulting Service
Motion-Mining Manual Process Intelligence Analyseprogramm (Dashboard) aufgerufen auf einem Laptop, der auf einem Tisch steht. Motion-Mining Manual Process Intelligence analysis program (dashboard) on a laptop standing on a table.
Product Solution

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