Das Team der MotionMiners auf der Spiraltreppe. Wir MotionMiners helfen Ihnen dabei Ihre Prozesse zu optimieren. MotionMiners team on the spiral staircase. We MotionMiners help you to optimize your processes automatically.

About Us


The story of MotionMiners

November 2019

First Motion-Mining® project in Southeast Asia (Malaysia)

August 2019

First Motion-Mining® project in North America (Canada)

May / June 2019

First MPI-Beta customers (Rhenus and agiplan

March 2019

Received the VDI-Innovation Award 2019

April / May 2018

First two full-time Miners hired (Max and Hauke)

November / December 2017

First pilot projects (HUGO BOSS, Rhenus, SKODA and BUNZL)

October 2017

Founding Day: MotionMiners GmbH

May 2017

Acquisition of an EXIST research transfer for Motion-Mining®

March 2017

Participation in the first logistics trade fair with technology demonstrator and acquisition of pilot projects

June 2016

Assembly of the founding team and participation in first accelerator program (F-Days Fraunhofer Venture)

November 2015

Completion of field studies and beginning of method development and further research

March 2015

Start of research in cooperation with TU Dortmund and Fraunhofer IML

December 2014

Idea for automatic analysis of commissioning processes using sensors and pattern recognition

March 2020

Awarded Best Product 2020 by LogiMAT

December 2019

Moved to a new MotionMiners headquarters

Team der MotionMiners: Sascha Feldhorst, Sascha Kaczmarek, Rene Grzeszick, Eve Phatthiya, Fabian, Martin, Julius, Frederic, Tobias, Maximilian, Matthias, Hauke, Rene, Pascal, Malcolm, Sebastian, Andreas, Marcus, Martin, Fabian, Tim

A dynamic team of logistics experts, data analysts and technical experts

Meet the Team

Cooperation Partner

Our partnerships give us strength

Research Projects

Current projects in research and development


In our Canadian research project we are working on linking intralogistic process data with those of traffic logistics (especially live fleet tracking).

Eingabefreie Station

In hospitals, a high documentation effort leads to a strain on the nursing staff. Depending on the department, nursing staff spend up to two hours per day on documentation. This is where we want to find a remedy.

Zwei Mitarbeiter der MotionMiners GmbH bei der Prozessoptimierung in einer Lagerhalle im Logistikbereich. Mit der Motion-Mining-Technologie führen sie eine automatisierte und optimierte Datenerfassung durch. Two employees of MotionMiners GmbH during an optimizing process in a warehouse in the logistics sector. They use motion mining technology to perform automated and optimized data acquisition.


MotionMiners GmbH

Emil-Figge-Str. 80
44227 Dortmund



+49 231 5869 0554

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