Experience Motion-Mining® live and in color

Our Motion-Mining® Experience Center is the perfect place to experience our technology first-hand. Take part in one of our Innovation Days and discover the potential of our digital process analysis method. We also offer exclusive experience packages that are tailored to your individual needs. This gives you a comprehensive picture of how your company can benefit from our technology.

Data collection on site with evaluation in the analysis dashboard

Collect movement data, evaluate and then analyze data

Would you like to learn in general how to collect movement data anonymously and automatically with Motion-Mining®?
At our Innovation Days, you can wear our small sensors as a “wearable”, carry out an order picking tour yourself and then see what statements can be made about the completed process. The Innovation Days offer you the great advantage that you have the opportunity to get to know our digital process analysis method. Learn how to analyze and optimize your manual work processes using sensors and machine learning algorithms. In addition, we offer you an exciting daily program with lectures, brief product presentations and best practices from providers of MotionMiners solutions platform.

Would you like to arrange an individual consultation with our team of experts and carry out a so-called experience package? 
We are happy to use our Experience Center as a venue to demonstrate the functionality of Motion-Mining® to you. In addition, we offer you first-class 1:1 support, develop possible use cases for your process analysis and offer a suitable space in which you can ask us your individual questions. This is an excellent opportunity to determine when and whether you should start your first Motion-Mining® project.

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Interested? Discover the MPI in a product demo.

Make an appointment for a non-binding consultation. Ask your questions and get a live insight into the world of Motion-Mining®. We are looking forward to your logistics application.

Self-Service: Create a realistic image of your manual work processes and analyze the results on your own.

Full service: We analyze. You optimize.
Receive a customized process analysis after just a few weeks.