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Values that drive us.

We value diversity in our team and are convinced that different perspectives lead to more creative and successful results. Together, we create a dynamic work environment in which everyone can develop his or her full potential. Our values are the foundation of our successful collaboration.


Curiosity is what drives us to achieve our ambitious goals.

Team spirit

Joy and diversity foster a lively group dynamic and strengthen our team cohesion.


Respect, justice and loyalty, internally and externally, fill our team spirit with life and keep us moving.


Employee benefits - your career with MotionMiners

Become a part of MotionMiners and benefit from the many advantages our working environment offers you.

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Office catering

Enjoy free hot and cold drinks at and be delighted when you are drawn for the "MinersMorning". A delicious breakfast with colleagues offers you the best possible start to the day.

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Flexible & mobile working

We offer opportunities to adapt working hours and work location not only to company needs, but also to personal needs. For a better work-life balance.

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For the future of our employees

Our commitment extends far beyond the present. That's why we offer a generous employer contribution to the company pension scheme - far in excess of the statutory minimum.

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Coaching & Trainings

Grow together: Take advantage of our training opportunities to expand your skills and develop professionally.

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Team events

Joint activities promote cohesion and strengthen cooperation. We want to create a positive working atmosphere and see this as an integral part of our corporate culture.

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Corporate Benefits

Discover a world of diverse benefits at Corporate Benefits! Check out and benefit from a wide range of exclusive employee benefits and discounts.


Apply now via the JOIN platform.

We use JOIN as an online job portal to guarantee you a clear and efficient application process.

Current vacancies can be found in more detail on the JOIN platform.
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Casual get-to-know-you conversation

In an initial digital meeting, we'd like to take the opportunity to learn more about your experience, interests, and personality. No formal expectations - just a casual conversation to see how well we might fit together.

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Case study & professional discussion

Working on a case study gives you a deeper insight into potential future activities. In this way, you can find out in a practical way whether the position suits you. At the same time, we get an impression of your way of working in a professional exchange at eye level.

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Welcome to the team!

You're just as excited about what you've learned about MotionMiners and feel motivated to become part of our team? At the same time, you've convinced us? Then it's time to finalize the contract details and take the next step - our onboarding process is already waiting for you!


Welcome aboard!

Onboarding helps you to quickly integrate into our company and understand your role in the team. It offers you a structured introduction to our corporate culture, values, processes and procedures.

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Your onboarding starts even before your first day of work. Your buddy accompanies you from the moment you sign your contract and supports you in advance with all important information. For the most relaxed entry into the team possible.

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First day

On your first day, you'll receive a warm welcome, set up your workstation and laptop, and start a tour of the office so you can get to know all the MotionMiners. A lunch break with your team rounds off the first day.

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Boarding pass

Our boarding pass contains a small roadmap for the first 100 days. Among other things, small playful tasks bring you together with your new colleagues.

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Getting to know each other

Onboarding is all about getting to know each other. At the "Hello & Hop" we look forward to learning more about you personally. In return, you will have the opportunity to experience our technology up close at the "Motion-Mining® Experience".

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The first 100 days

Your buddy and your team leader will accompany you for the first 100 days at MotionMiners. After 100 days, you look back on the onboarding together. What have you achieved together and how will the journey continue?

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The first 6 months

The first mid-year meeting is coming up and you tell your team leader how you've been doing since you arrived at MotionMiners. From now on, these discussions will take place twice a year.


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