AI-based data analysis for practice-oriented teaching & research.

Complement your research projects with our practical AI tool and create added value for your students in teaching and research.

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The solution for scientific employees.

With the goal of advancing your own research, or with creative efforts to promote innovation, you contribute as an innovation-driven person in teaching and research to look at or further develop existing methods.

Machine Learning based process optimization

Especially for teaching and research purposes at universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes, digital labs or innovation centers, we have developed MotionMiners LABS - a product with which we can MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI) for non-commercial purposes. Measure motion data, display it in the MPI analysis dashboard and discover your optimization potential.

Create practical experience

Present real-world case studies to your students to illustrate the use of AI methods in real-world application scenarios.

Continuous learning

AI and related technologies will always be an integral part of the workplace. Introducing students to these areas will better prepare them for the demands of the future workplace. You too can contribute to this!

Content for teaching material

Through intensive use at various universities, we were able to put together a concrete package of teaching materials for your events in teaching and research. We would be happy to discuss this in more detail during a short meeting.


Our 5 steps for integrating Motion-Mining® at your site.


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Offer received

You will then receive a detailed offer from us, which is tailored to you and includes your individual hardware package.


Onboarding with our Customer Success Management

After several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


Use of MotionMiners LABS

Perform Motion Mining® measurements within your system and analyze your process data from now on. Optionally, you can book a training for the Jupyter Notebook (remote) and generate even deeper insights from your data.


The maximum for teaching and research with Motion-Mining®.

Motion-Mining® attracts various disciplines, from engineering to computer science to business. You too can promote interdisciplinary collaboration and joint research at your location.

Data-driven research

Real motion data that serves as the basis for empirical research. Use this data to derive trends or test hypotheses.

Innovation Promotion

Motion-Mining® delivers added value to Sudierende as a novel innovation and thus prepares you for future challenges and applications in the industry.

Practical insights

Gain real-world insights through Motion-Mining® and unlock immediate applicability in industry and business.

Link between
research and practice

Motion-Mining® combines theoretical research with practical application.

"As a university institution, it is particularly important to be open to innovation. Applications from practice, such as Motion Mining® technology, enrich our teaching and research and can equally benefit from interaction. This gives our students a first impression of their future professional field. Through practical methods and applications, MotionMiners LABS is the perfect complement to the theory they have learned."

Daniel Mezger

Academic Assistant, University of Stuttgart


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