Optimize your
manufacturing processes with Motion-Mining®.

Optimize your manufacturing processes and increase efficiency with advanced Motion-Mining® technology.

MOTION-MINING® FOR manufacturing

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Motion Mining® technology provides you with valid data for sound decision-making. Analyze motion data to optimize your work processes to the maximum. Additionally, match our data with your ERP and MES data for even deeper process transparency.

Logistical processes
in Manufacturing

Production and manufacturing processes depend on efficient logistics processes. Accordingly, the focus is often on the analysis of logistics processes at the interface to production. These include supermarket processes, route train processes, and fine logistics. The goal of the analysis is always to uncover optimization potential so that downstream manufacturing processes can run smoothly.

Multi-machine operation

The process of multi-machine operation is extremely complex. While the machines are running, the operator is responsible for monitoring the machines, ensuring that manufacturing is running smoothly, or intervening when problems and malfunctions occur. In addition, loading the machine or removing finished parts may also be part of the process. Due to the diversity of the process, the overall process is often a black box for many companies. Here, Motion Mining® can help to create transparency, uncover potentials,  and in particular set up a more efficient multi-machine operating process.

Optimization of your manufacturing processes

Manufacturing or production processes on the assembly line, in the workshop, or the production-u can also be analyzed to a certain degree with Motion-Mining®. Especially additional efforts for special processes, which are often not in focus when planning or controlling these processes, can be additionally analyzed and optimized here with Motion-Mining®.

Combine your data sources: ERP, MES and transaction data

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) data or even fault data from SCADA systems can be effectively combined with Motion Mining® data. By linking different data sources, you can better understand the relationships between planning, manufacturing, and actual execution to ensure targeted optimization.


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Measurement & Analysis

After several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


Get results

Receive a results presentation from your process engineer of measurement results and analysis to identify weaknesses.


Make optimizations

We offer a consulting service to support the implementation of optimization proposals.

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Use our state-of-the-art technology to gain detailed insights into manufacturing data and make effective business decisions.

Cost reduction
through time savings

By capturing and analyzing process flows automatically, the time-consuming manual data collection process is eliminated. Concentrate on the interpretation of the data!

Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomic workflows enable efficient work with reduced physical stress. This increases performance and quality of work.

Data-based process optimization

Data is analyzed automatically and anonymously with Motion-Mining® in order to uncover bottlenecks, efficiency and ergonomic potentials.

Weakness and potential analysis

Take advantage of the opportunity to visualize process data convincingly, quickly and easily and to present important information in an appealing way.


Motion-Mining® for the optimization of your manufacturing process

Discover the diverse areas of application of Motion-Mining® in manufacturing. From setup processes to tool preparation to maintenance, our hardware and software solution analyzes your production processes.

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Tugger train

Route train processes, which are often controlled according to the Kanban method, are frequently a black box, since no bookings are made in the system at any time. Here Motion Mining® helps to establish a general process transparency and to uncover adjusting screws for optimization. This often already starts in the supermarket and goes up to the provision at the production line.

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Multi-machine operation

Multi-machine operation is also opaque for many companies and can be easily analyzed with the help of Motion Mining®. Typical analyses go in the direction of capacity and resource planning (keyword: operating factor).

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Maintenance is an unconventional process that includes both planned and unplanned (repair) activities. To avoid long downtimes, efficient maintenance processes are of utmost importance. Therefore, an analysis with Motion-Mining® is a good choice. The ergonomic aspect is also relevant, so the benefit of exoskeletons can easily be evaluated here.

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Fine Logistics

Especially in manufacturing companies of smaller components (e.g., electronics production), fine logistics is an important part of the production supply. To be able to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted production process, it is also necessary to analyze the fine logistics again and again about efficiency and ergonomic potential.

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Manufacturing and assembly processes

Whether the work is on the assembly line, on the shop floor, or in a manufacturing environment, Motion Mining® analyses can add value by uncovering potential for increasing efficiency and ergonomics. The investigation focuses not only on the main process but also on the accompanying processes to ensure a comprehensive approach to process optimization.

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Health & Safety

Identify risks due to unhealthy postures and movements, improve the ergonomics of your employees and prevent accidents at work.

"Thanks to MotionMiners, we were able to get much better visibility into our logistics processes in a short period of time, thus reducing waste & increasing value."

Dr. Alexander Hoppe

Head of Global Intralogistics, FESTO

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