Utilize the unused potential of your work processes.

Gain valuable insights and intelligence into your operations with MotionMiners INSIGHTS. Collect large amounts of data quickly, easily and fully digitized to make decisions for optimized process performance.

Run your own Motion-Mining® analyses using our hardware and software license.
MOTION-Mining® at a glance

Measure | Evaluate | Optimize

Sound data for sound decisions with our mobile solution MotionMiners INSIGHTS. Analyze motion data to uncover optimization potential.


Get the most out of your work process with Motion-Mining®.

Get a data foundation with the mobile hardware and software solution that allows you to make informed decisions to improve your processes.

Automated process analysis

Easier than ever before. Motion-Mining® facilitates the comprehensive collection of your process data. Data generation is automated.

Detailed insights -
GDPR compliant

Our technology captures and analyzes activities for a holistic view of your process. Data collection is anonymized and pseudonymized.

Efficiency through
artificial intelligence

Uses machine learning to identify inefficiencies and helps you uncover optimization opportunities.

First class process evaluation

Enables you to evaluate processes in detail and generate relevant process metrics in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Increase the efficiency
of your manual work processes.

MotionMiners INSIGHTS provides you with comprehensive information that can be used as a basis for decision-making. Use the possibility to analyze motion data to optimize your workflows. Results can be, for example:


Time savings through the optimization of work processes


Reduction of lead times

Optimize your working conditions in terms of ergonomics.

Our software provides you with statements on the activity distribution within your processes. Reduce ergonomically critical movements and increase the satisfaction of your employees.


of employees are exposed to physical stress at work (source).


of workplace accidents are due to ergonomic problems (source).

motionminers INSIGHTS — the licensing model

Your INSIGHTS license at a fixed price.

Carry out digital process analyses yourself. MotionMiners INSIGHTS includes our hardware and software, including an e-learning course, at a monthly license fee.

OUR process steps

Our 4 steps for your process optimization.



At the start of onboarding, you will receive a quota of 12 hours with our Customer Success Management, login details to an e-learning course and a classroom or online training day.


Data acquisition

To generate valid data and map the real status quo of your workflows, your processes can be recorded for any length of time.


Analysis dashboard in the MPI

Develop solutions for your process and ergonomics challenges based on your data. Our Customer Success Management is available to answer your questions and provide support.
Our SOLUTIONS platform can help you find and evaluate proposed solutions to your challenges.


Continuous improvement

Use our technology to make comparative measurements at different sites, for example, or to investigate different processes.

"We use MotionMiners INSIGHTS at a total of four sites and have been able to achieve many insightful analysis results using Motion-Mining® so far. I find it particularly exciting that MPI helps us confirm or disprove our hypotheses. In addition, new topics are uncovered that we were not aware of before. For us, this is an absolute added value!"

Daniel Kaiser

Senior Expert Business Process Optimization, ZUFALL Logistics


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Our range of products and the new method of digital process analysis often raise the same questions. In our FAQ section, we answer them as clearly as possible.

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