Anonymized analysis of transaction data. Without additional effort.

Analyze motion data of your manual work processes according to the basic principles of the GDPR. Motion-Mining® supports you in making your processes more efficient and ergonomic.

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The solution for process engineers.

Sound data for sound decisions with our mobile solution MotionMiners INSIGHTS. Analyze motion data to optimize your work processes to the maximum.

Analyze process flows with iterative heat maps

The interactive heatmaps in our MPI allow you to select individual process runs, which you can display as a video. Look at activities and handling in the process flow as a whole and identify outliers, for example.

Increasing efficiency
through automation.

Use our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI) software to automatically evaluate motion data with more than 70 different process metrics. This can save you valuable time in analyzing and optimizing your processes.

Increase performance through

Increase performance with the help of ergonomic measures. Identify ergonomic risks in a targeted manner and implement effective steps to optimize working conditions.

Transparent communication
for successful cooperation.

Visualize process data in the MPI software analytics dashboard in a compelling way and take advantage of custom reports and KPI's to visually present essential information.

our process steps

Our 5 steps for integrating Motion-Mining® at your site.


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Offer received

You will then receive a detailed offer from us with individual conditions that are tailored to you.


Measurement & Analysis

We offer a consulting service to support the implementation of optimization proposals.


Get results

Based on the valid database, efficiency and ergonomics potentials as well as weak points in your processes can be uncovered.


Make optimizations

We offer a consulting service to support the implementation of optimization proposals.


Getting the most out of your work process. Discovered with Motion-Mining®

By using our mobile hardware and software solution, you receive a comprehensive data basis that enables you as a process engineer:in to make data-supported and well-founded decisions for the targeted optimization of your processes.


Take advantage of the ability to visualize process data in a compelling, quick and easy way to present important information in an appealing way.

Cost reduction
through time savings

By capturing and analyzing process flows automatically, the time-consuming manual data collection process is eliminated. Concentrate on the interpretation of the data!

Process optimization

Start making data-driven decisions now! Evaluate data on MPI, identify patterns, bottlenecks, repeated sequences and other trends in process flows.

at the workplace

Integrate ergonomics principles into your workplace design. An optimally balanced environment helps your employees work effectively and safely.

"We use MotionMiners INSIGHTS at a total of four sites and have been able to achieve many insightful analysis results using Motion-Mining® so far. I find it particularly exciting that MPI helps us confirm or disprove our hypotheses. In addition, new topics are uncovered that we were not aware of before. For us, this is an absolute added value!"

Daniel Kaiser

Senior Expert Business Process Optimization, ZUFALL Logistics

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