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The solution for business development managers.

Business development managers drive competitiveness and revenue growth. Motion-Mining® gives you the data you need to make informed decisions to drive your business forward.

Discover targeted bottlenecks & optimization potential.

With the help of key performance indicators, such as travel, waiting and handling times, you can easily assess the efficiency of your work processes. You can also find out whether your processes are ergonomically designed and analyze the distribution of efficient and inefficient activities.

Directly detect critical regions.

Identify those critical areas that need optimization to minimize delays and interruptions. From this, targeted measures can be derived to improve the efficiency and smooth flow of these process sections.

Tracking of process changes

Evaluate the impact of your strategic decisions by re-analyzing your optimized process and comparing before and after.

Effective resource allocation

The evaluations in the analysis dashboard of our MPI show you critical periods in which particularly high waiting times occur. These are essential to allocate resources in a targeted manner and to minimize waiting times in these periods.

our process steps

Our 5 steps for integrating Motion-Mining® at your site.


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Arrange a free and non-binding consultation appointment to find the right product for you together with us.


Offer received

You will then receive a detailed offer from us with individual conditions that are tailored to you.


Measurement & Analysis

After several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


Get results

Based on the valid database, efficiency and ergonomics potentials as well as weak points in your processes can be uncovered.


Make optimizations

After several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


The Maxium for your business process with

Use our state-of-the-art technology to gain detailed insights into transactional data and make informed business decisions.

Transparent reporting

Present performance indicators clearly and strengthen the trust of your stakeholders. Provide transparent insights into innovative technologies.

Identification of opportunities

Get a realistic picture of your process flows. Discover opportunities, patterns and trends for business development.

Data-based decisions

Optimize your strategy based on precise transaction data. Make informed decisions for your business success.

Process optimization par excellence

Forecast strategic decisions with valid data and contribute to business success.

"We are very satisfied with the work of MotionMiners. With their solution, we succeeded in clearly visualizing suspected process gaps and waste. Especially the applicability without connection to the existing infrastructure has greatly simplified the implementation of the project for us."

Christian Fischhaber

Managing Director, ASM Logistics GmbH

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