Digital process consulting for your individual process challenges

Discover the diverse possibilities of our solution-oriented platform and get customized solutions for your internal process optimization. Or become a product provider yourself on MotionMiners SOLUTIONS.

Find and evaluate optimization potential for your process challenges.

Find the right solution in just 5 steps.


Your Pain Points as a Starting Point

Select from a variety of pain points exactly the one that corresponds to your process challenge or discover challenges exploratively with the help of our process map.

The digital process consultant starts with your individual process challenges.
In addition to pain points, you can also filter by different processes.

Extensive filter selection

Refine your search with our filter function and select the process or type of solution.


Find solutions that fit

Find all relevant information and a selection of possible product providers for your chosen solution.

The solutions page on MotionMiners SOLUTIONS proposes a solution concept for selected challenges.
The presentation of different suppliers for the same solution concepts enables a comparison.

Compare existing solutions

Compare different products from different manufacturers directly on the platform based on relevant key facts.


Provider information

In addition to neutral solution information, you will also find secured product information directly from the manufacturers.

You can find specific product information on the product pages.

Optimize more precisely than ever before - with MotionMiners SOLUTIONS.

Get suggested solutions to various process challenges through MotionMiners SOLUTIONS. Also, learn how to accurately identify and validate process optimization issues on our platform.

Digital process consulting

Determine if there are challenges in your process with the help of our guided digital process consultation.

Intelligent networking

Connects product manufacturers with process experts who implement process optimization projects.

Customized solutions

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS offers a variety of different solutions to commonly known problems.

Free use

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS is and will remain free of charge for users.

Ermitteln Sie individuelle Herausforderungen in Ihren Prozessen.

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS is an independent platform for solutions and products for process optimization. Find targeted solutions and a pre-selection of suitable products from various manufacturers.

> 160

Offers from established manufacturers

> 40

Reliable product providers

Plan and control your process optimization projects independently with MotionMiners SOLUTIONS.

Can be used in the office or on the road.

MotionMiners SOLUTIONS adapts to your needs and provides a cornerstone for your individual process challenges. Use our platform from your desk or on the go - our web-based application works on all mobile devices.

> 95

Solutions for process optimization problems

> 60

Pain Points that you can use to validate your
process challenges

With the filter function, different pain points can be selected and filtered for corresponding solutions.
"We use MotionMiners SOLUTIONS as an additional channel to make our intelligent conveyor technology accessible to an even wider audience. The platform offers us as a provider the opportunity to get in touch directly with our target group. The resulting interaction with solution seekers will give us valuable insights into the needs, challenges and trends in the field of process optimization in the future."

Theresa Gröninger

Head of Sales & Marketing, cellumation GmbH


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