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Basis of the process analysis method

Every company consists of many interlinked processes. The quest for ever leaner and more efficient processes will continue unabated. The optimization potential in this area is large, but usually not visible at first glance. Input and output are often known, but the processes in between often turn out to be a black box. The method is the key to more efficient processes. The process analysis method brings light into the darkness. To close the information gap, the method is currently performed by a process engineer. During the process analysis method, the process is observed, recorded and analyzed. The process during the Process Analysis Method, in which employees record times with a clipboard, pencil and stopwatch, for example, involves a considerable manual effort and is therefore carried out far too infrequently in practice. As a result, rationalization, optimization, but also ergonomic potentials in industrial work processes often remain unused.

New process-oriented approaches are essential in the context of the global complexity of modern business processes in today's world. Companies and institutions that have achieved at least an approximate integration in this respect are still a rarity. With the help of a process analysis method, manufacturing, sales and logistics processes are now being optimized primarily in terms of costs and throughput times. However, areas with softer Key Performance Indicators (KPI), in which the human factor is directly involved, are still rarely mapped in a process-oriented manner and are only rarely the subject of process optimization and process analysis methods. This can be attributed not least to the fact that, due to their specific characteristics, methods of this kind with regard to value creation processes often cannot be adequately carried out with the software tools available today, and thus cannot be fully examined and optimized.


Process analysis method

The method refers to the targeted examination of processes and the breakdown into their individual components with the aim of understanding the process and identifying weak points and optimization potential. The method distinguishes between different types of processes, including business processes and technical processes. The method forms the basis of process optimization in the company. In commercially oriented companies, process optimization helps to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing work, business, production and development processes with the help of the method and to use the resources required for these purposes. The organizations concerned are, for example, public administrations, social institutions or other companies. The method and subsequent process optimizations serve to ensure the achievement of objectives. While process optimization was considered a task of quality management in the past, it is now seen as part of a comprehensive integrated process management of companies and institutions. The method and optimization of processes as a prerequisite for effective basic business management are an indispensable part of any modern company management when it comes to being able to operate successfully in national and international competition.


Motion-Mining® Process Analysis Method

Our Motion-Mining® technology can help with the process optimization and process analysis method. The method uses mobile sensors (wearables) and miniature radio transmitters (beacons) to record processes as they occur. By equipping employees with wearables and the environment with beacons, process data is obtained during the process analysis method on the basis of which process optimization can take place. Meanwhile, we are able to distinguish between about 60 different movements during the method. The movements include walking and running as well as overhead handling, unhealthy bending, long sitting, bending from the back, carrying, lifting, and holding. Based on the potential identified during the process analysis method, we work with customers to develop individual measures for process optimization and thus identify paths toward more efficient and ergonomic work processes. In detail, the individual work steps are automatically reconstructed from the process data determined in the method with the help of a self-developed pattern recognition solution based on Deep Learning and made accessible for further analysis. For this purpose, the movements, body postures, and also the work situation are detected and assigned to the activities in the work process. Compared to manual analysis methods, a 40 to 80 times larger database can be accessed for process optimization, which is generated without physical observation of the employees. Likewise, the scope of application of the GDPR is not open due to a comprehensive anonymization of the data and various organizational measures. Process managers are enabled by our motion mining technology to perform a process analysis method more frequently, over a longer period of time, and with several employees at the same time.

The Motion-Mining® method is currently primarily used in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. In the healthcare sector, we have also taken the first steps with pilot projects with regard to process optimization. The method is carried out with regard to the recording of internal material flows, care activities, and their documentation.


Accurate knowledge - the basis of the process analysis method

Improvement potentials and starting points for the method can be found in almost every process of a company. A first step in assessing whether and in which process the method is appropriate and brings sufficient potential with it is precise knowledge of the individual processes and sound documentation of any processes. The process analysis method reveals existing risks and inefficiencies. In order to achieve the optimization potentials, it is important to analyze the initial situation correctly and to initiate the appropriate steps with the right methods. When applying the process analysis method, one should know how it works and what can be achieved with it. Only the exact knowledge of the process analysis method and its potential enables to use it correctly. Unfortunately, it often happens that the process analysis method is not properly understood. But the fatal comes later, because then also the functioning of the process analysis methods was ignored. A process analysis method and the resulting process optimization methods unfold their full potential only in combination with other process optimization methods or approaches. Using a single process optimization recommendation from the process analysis method without understanding these interrelationships inevitably leads to failure of the effort. Success comes to those who correctly apply the knowledge of experts and correctly use the process optimization methods gained from the process analysis method. With MotionMiners GmbH you have not only a powerful tool at hand, which analyzes a process analysis method with low effort, but also experienced process engineers, who support you in process optimization after the method.

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