Optimized logistics processes with Motion-Mining®.

Optimize your logistics processes and increase efficiency with advanced Motion-Mining® technology for your logistics company.


Measure | Evaluate | Optimize

Motion-Mining® provides you with sound data for well-founded decisions. Analyze motion data of your employees and vehicles to optimize your work processes to the maximum. Additionally, match our data with your WMS data for even higher process transparency.

Process analysis in intralogistics processes

Motion-Mining® is used in almost all intralogistics processes, from truck unloading to goods receipt, storage, picking, packaging and goods issue. Our technology provides you with transparency to uncover weak points and bottlenecks, to raise efficiency potentials and at the same time also to identify ergonomic risks.

Fleet analysis

Motion-Mining® can also be used to perform pure fleet analyses. Fleet analyses provide data-based insights that can support you in making decisions on fleet optimization and process improvement. Above all, additional sensor technology helps to determine empty or full runs as well as fork clearance times. Optimize not only the routes of your vehicles but also the use of your entire fleet.

WMS data matching

The combination of WMS data with Motion-Mining® data enables a holistic analysis of process flows. The enrichment of our Motion Mining® data with WMS data can help to break down process times and efforts to customer, article, or order groups. In addition, the evaluation of article weights, for example, enables a more in-depth ergonomics analysis of your process.


From the consulting appointment to your process optimization


Arrange consultation appointment

Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation appointment to work with us to determine the right application for your logistics.


Offer received

You will then receive a detailed offer from us with individual conditions that are tailored to you.


Measurement & Analysis

During several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the analysis dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


Get results

Based on the valid database, efficiency and ergonomics potentials as well as weak points in your processes can be uncovered.


Make optimizations

We will be happy to support you in implementing optimization proposals or use our digital process consulting MotionMiners SOLUTIONS.


Get the most out of your manual work processes with

Collect automated and anonymized movement data of employees and vehicles in a specific environment and use optimization potentials as leverage for your process.

Efficiency increase

By analyzing transaction data, inefficient processes can be identified. This leads to shorter throughput times and better use of your resources.

Optimization of your intralogistics processes

Motion-Mining® can be used in almost all intralogistics processes to uncover efficiency and ergonomics potential.

Data-based decisions

Motion-Mining® provides data-driven insights that support process optimization, resource allocation and strategic planning decisions.

Process transparency

Use our technology to visually display the workflows in your logistics processes. Get meaningful key figures for optimization projects to save costs and improve ergonomics.


Motion-Mining® for your logistics optimization.

Discover the diverse areas of application of Motion-Mining® in logistics. From goods receipt to storage, picking to goods issue. Motion-Mining® helps to uncover optimization potentials.

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Cross docking

Within cross-docking systems, unloading and loading processes as well as shipment processes and processes at underfloor drag chains can be analyzed. Based on the analysis results, potentials can be raised that lead to shorter process cycle times.

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Order picking processes, whether on foot, using a forklift or high-speed walker, bring with them optimal conditions for Motion Mining® analyses, as many movements take place in the processes due to the many paths. Here, both targeted efficiency and ergonomics analyses are possible. Order-related process analyses can also be carried out using WMS data.

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Storage & Transfer

Storage and transfer processes can be analyzed just as well as picking processes. In particular, additional sensors for analyzing empty and full runs or fork clearance times help to understand the process in detail and to leverage hidden potential.

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Packaging and VAS processes

Smaller processes such as packaging processes or value-added services (e.g. display construction) can also be analyzed using Motion-Mining®. Here, a further focus is also on the analysis of special processes such as waste disposal, provision of empties or the refilling of packaging material in order to find a holistic approach to process optimization.

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Goods in & out

Within incoming and outgoing goods processes, both unloading processes and goods receiving processes can be analyzed. Within manual unloading processes, the focus is often on ergonomics, while within goods receiving, effort drivers are often considered for different order types.

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Technology comparison

Taking into account all the process in your system, Motion-Mining® can also be used to make simple technology comparisons (e.g. of vehicle types, scanners and exoskeletons) using before and after measurements.

"The travel distance analysis carried out by MotionMiners with over 1,000 data hours is an excellent basis for the optimization & digitalization of our warehouse processes. We also see potential for new projects in the future in the AI-supported process analysis."

Christian Dahlmeier

Division Manager Logistics Planning & Quality, Hermes

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