Optimize logistics processes in goods trade with Motion-Mining®.

Optimize your logistics processes in your central and regional warehouses or in your branches and increase efficiency and ergonomics with advanced Motion Mining® technology.


Measure | Evaluate | Optimize

Motion-Mining® provides you with sound data for well-founded decisions. Analyze motion data of your employees and vehicles to optimize your work processes to the maximum. Additionally, match our data with your WMS data for even higher process transparency.

Consideration of all processes in the warehouse

Use Motion-Mining® to analyze your logistics and warehousing processes in a targeted manner. Many processes that handle, store or distribute goods are done manually and require optimization, especially in times of a persistent shortage of skilled workers. Start now.

A look at the processes in your store

Efficient management and organization of store operations are fundamental requirements for any retail business. From goods receiving and shelf stocking to price labeling and checkout operations, operations require constant attention and skillful management on the part of your employees. Optimize your store processes now!

Unterstützung von Change-Management und Innovation.

Unterstützen Sie erfolgreiche Handels-Veränderungen und Innovationen im Unternehmen, indem Sie datenbasierte Informationen nutzen, um Mitarbeiter:innen zu engagieren und den Industrie-Wandel zu erleichtern.

Kaufentscheidungen abwägen.

Motion-Mining® trägt dazu bei, finanzielle, operative oder rechtliche Risiken zu minimieren und bietet Ihnen eine datenbasierte Grundlage für Ihre geschäftlichen Entscheidungen.


From consulting appointment to logistics optimization.


Arrange consultation appointment

Make a free & no obligation consultation appointment to find the right product for you, for your industrial trade.


Offer received

You will then receive a detailed offer from us with the appropriate products and individual conditions.


Measurement & Analysis

After several weeks of measurement, a valid data set is generated, which is illustrated in the dashboard of our MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE using various KPIs.


Get results

Receive a results presentation from your process engineer of measurement results and analysis to identify weaknesses.


Make optimizations

We offer a consulting service to support the implementation of optimization proposals.


Better processes in your trading company through

Optimize logistics and branch processes in your retail company: Benefit from more efficient processes and more satisfied employees.

More time for your customers

By optimizing processes, your employees gain valuable time to devote more attention to customer service.

Ergonomics in the workplace

Integrate ergonomics principles into your workplace design and help create an optimally aligned environment where your employees can work effectively, safely and comfortably.

Holistic process analysis and

Analyze both your logistics process in the warehouse and in the store to implement an optimized overall process.

Economic responsibility

Achieve monetary savings by optimizing manual activities in your processes and discover ways to save time and money.


Motion-Mining® for the optimization of your processes in goods trading.

Discover the diverse areas of application of Motion-Mining® in the retail of goods. With our mobile hardware and software solution, you can effortlessly analyze all processes in logistics and in your store.

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Within manual unloading processes, the focus is often on ergonomics analyses using Motion-Mining®, for example to verify the use of (partially) automated systems or exoskeletons. However, unloading by means of industrial trucks is also a common use case and can be analyzed quickly and easily with Motion-Mining® to uncover efficiency potentials.

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Receipt of goods

Goods receiving processes and, if necessary, repacking processes are highly variable due to different delivery quantities and article types, which is why an analysis with Motion Mining® is a good idea. Using WMS data matching, article- or shipment-related analyses can be easily performed to gain an even more detailed insight into the processes.

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Regardless of whether storage is done manually by means of a hand pallet truck or transport trolley or by means of a forklift or reach truck. Storage often holds potential for process improvement. Additional sensors for empty and full travel detection in particular can provide additional help here in order to leverage undiscovered potential.

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The classic in our process analyses. Both in shelving systems, where picking is done with picking carts, and in pallet racking systems, where picking is done with forklifts, vertical order pickers or reach trucks, the processes can be analyzed quickly and without much effort using Motion-Mining® in order to raise efficiency and ergonomics potentials.

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Packaging processes at stationary workstations or directly on the outgoing goods area can also be analyzed to a certain degree with Motion-Mining®. Especially additional efforts for special processes like wrapping, the production of load securing or the fetching of packaging material can be additionally analyzed and optimized here with Motion-Mining®.

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As in unloading, loading processes can of course be easily analyzed with Motion-Mining® to produce an even more efficient and/or ergonomic process completion.

"With the help of MotionMiners, we were able to analyze our picking process in great detail and gain in-depth process transparency. The results we obtained provide us with very good approaches for our internal improvement process."

Simon Hoffmann

Managing Director, Goldner Fashion

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