Frequently asked questions briefly answered.

Our product diversity and novel digital process analysis method often raise the same questions. In our FAQ section we answer them as understandably as possible.

What is Motion-Mining®?

Motion-Mining® is a technology for the automated analysis of manual work processes, for example in production and logistics, using sensors, beacons, and machine learning. The goal is to uncover potential for optimization in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

Where can I use Motion-Mining®?

Motion-Mining® is mainly used in logistics and production processes. In addition, applications are already taking place in sales branches, maintenance processes, hospitals or on the last mile. In general, the technology can be used for all processes in which movement occurs. If your use case is not yet listed, simply contact us. We will then see whether Motion-Mining® is also suitable for your use case.

Does the technology automatically tell me what and how I can improve my process?

Currently, Motion-Mining® enables automatic process recording and key figure generation. This has the advantage that manual process recording and generation of analyses are no longer necessary. Our comprehensive analysis platform, MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI for short), delivers a wide range of data, heat maps or activity diagrams completely automatically.

Up to now, the interpretation of the data and the derivation of measures has been the responsibility of the process engineer. Our latest product MotionMiners SOLUTIONS supports the solution finding for the identified problems in the process. In the future, it will also be possible to generate automated optimization proposals based on the data obtained.

Does Motion-Mining® need to be integrated into my IT infrastructure?

No. Motion-Mining® can basically be used completely self-sufficiently. We only need a power outlet to charge our hardware. A connection to a guest WiFi is possible, if desired, to automatically upload the recorded data to MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI).

Is Motion-Mining® GDPR compliant?

Motion-Mining® is based on a privacy-by-design approach, so no personal data is recorded through Motion-Mining®. No commissioned processing takes place, which is why Motion-Mining® analyses do not open up the scope of the GDPR. We also have an external data protection opinion.

How is the data recorded with Motion-Mining® stored?

The captured raw data is physically stored on the Motion-Mining® hardware. After uploading the data to the MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI), the captured raw data is stored by an externally hosted server of Hetzner Online GmbH in Germany, which is secured and processed using a firewall. The data is also backed up by an external data center (cloud backup) located in Germany. All companies have been carefully selected by us with regard to IT security. For this reason, the data generation is GDPR-compliant.

How are works councils responding to technology?

Since Motion-Mining® does not record any personal data, it does not analyze individual persons from a technical point of view but merely generates process indicators. For this reason, Motion-Mining® is accepted by works councils. If your works councils would like to talk to other works councils that have already accompanied Motion-Mining® projects, please feel free to contact us.

How do employees react to the use of technology?

Basically, process analysis is a sensitive topic (even with methods such as MTM or REFA). For this reason, it is important that a Motion Mining® analysis is communicated transparently to the workforce in advance and at an early stage. It is important to openly explain to the employees why and with which goal an analysis is carried out and, above all, what is not analyzed or may not be analyzed (e.g. times in the break room, etc.). We are happy to support you with information material or on site, where we present the technology in an easily understandable way and answer your employees' questions.

How do REFA, MTM and Motion-Mining® differ?

You can find an answer to this in our whitepaper.

Which processes are suitable and which are only suitable to a limited extent for a Motion Mining® analysis?

Motion-Mining® offers the greatest added value in processes where a lot of locomotion takes place. Regardless of whether it is driving or walking. As soon as four or more employees work in a process, it is recommended to perform an analysis with Motion-Mining®. Motion-Mining® is only suitable to a limited extent for processes in which the work is carried out at purely stationary places. Here, Motion-Mining® may come up against technical limits. We would be happy to support you in evaluating whether your process is suitable for an analysis with Motion-Mining®.

Can Motion-Mining® also be used in the refrigeration and freezer sector?

This is also possible. We may need special hardware for this. However, we will be happy to discuss this with you in advance in a short initial appointment.

Can Motion-Mining® also be used for pure vehicle analysis?

Yes, this is possible. In this case, the vehicles are equipped with sensors. If necessary, additional sensors are used to also detect fork play times as well as empty and full runs.

Can I also link Motion Mining® data with external data, e.g. (ERP or WMS data)?

Yes, this is possible. The prerequisite for this is that correct time stamps are also available in the external data sources.

Can I also perform more in-depth ergonomics analyses with Motion-Mining®?

Yes, this is possible. Here we use the so-called leading characteristic method. The prerequisite for this is that we receive the weight data from the master or WMS data.

What is MotionMiners CONSULTING?

Within MotionMiners CONSULTING projects, our process experts use our Motion-Mining® technology to analyze your processes and, based on the analysis results, develop individual optimization measures tailored to your needs in terms of efficiency and ergonomics.

How long does a MotionMiners CONSULTING project take?

The duration of a project depends on the scope of the analysis. On average, projects take about 8 - 12 weeks from the start of the measurement to the presentation of the results.

I can interpret data myself and derive optimization measures from it. Can I also just get the key figures without the optimization measures?

Yes, a pure key figure-based evaluation is also possible. The interpretation of the data as well as the derivation of optimization measures is an optional part of the service spectrum. Nevertheless, our recommendation is to let our well-trained experts look at the processes with a fresh pair of eyes and call on their expertise.

How much efficiency potential can be raised in a MotionMiners CONSULTING project?

This is difficult to estimate in advance, as several factors play a role here. On the one hand, it depends heavily on how the processes are set up and how often process optimization measures have already been implemented. As a rule, based on our projects in recent years, we find potential savings of between 15% and 40%.

I am actually interested in a MotionMiners INSIGHTS license. Can I convince myself in advance of the added value of the technology through a consulting project?

Yes, this is possible. For such cases, we offer so-called hybrid projects, in which we proactively involve customers in a MotionMiners CONSULTING project, train them and show them how to perform process analyses using Motion-Mining®. In this way, customers learn about the effort involved, how the technology works and what the results would look like. In this way, we create a good basis for an investment decision in the technology. At the same time you get a full consulting service from us, so that the ROI of the project is secured.

If customers decide to license MotionMiners INSIGHTS afterwards, we also charge a part of the costs with the onboarding costs of the license.

Do MotionMiners also offer projects abroad?

Yes, of course! We carry out projects wherever the customers want us to. So far, we have carried out Motion Mining® projects in 15 countries worldwide.

What does a MotionMiners CONSULTING project cost?

The costs depend on the size of the system, the number of processes, employees, shifts and weeks to be measured. In addition, it is decisive how extensive the analysis should be. Please feel free to contact us with your use case. We can provide a first price indication quite quickly and easily.

What is MotionMiners INSIGHTS?

MotionMiners INSIGHTS is our licensable product for the independent analysis of manual work processes. MotionMiners INSIGHTS consists of a hardware set and web-based software (MotionMiners Process Intelligence - MPI for short). As a licensee of our technology, you will be closely supported by our Customer Success Team and learn how to perform complex analyses on your own.

Can I also buy the hardware and/or software?

No. Currently there is a SaaS subscription model which has a minimum term of 12 months. If the license is cancelled, the hardware must be returned to MotionMiners GmbH. Here you can find our overview of the MotionMiners INSIGHTS pricing model.

Can I use MotionMiners INSIGHTS permanently?

Yes, this is possible. Only once a year the batteries of the Bluetooth beacons need to be changed.

Is it possible to book additional hardware?

The license for our product MotionMiners INSIGHTS basically consists of a standardized hardware package, which includes a docking station and 200 beacons. In the run-up to licensing, we check with you how much hardware you need. If you need more hardware, you can book additional licenses with the hardware package or rent hardware for a certain period of time.

Can I also use the data for further analyses, e.g. with Power-BI?

We also provide all evaluations in an Excel format, so that further processing is basically possible. However, for data protection reasons, these data do not have a time stamp. We do not provide the pure sensor and beacon data as raw data.

Can special evaluations and visualizations also be adapted?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us directly and we will check whether customizing is technically possible and what effort is required for this.

How do I learn to use MotionMiners INSIGHTS?

To enable all our customers to use MotionMiners INSIGHTS independently, we have developed an online training format. In addition, our Customer Success team will provide onboarding support to help you successfully get started with our analytics platform, MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI), and perform your first Motion Mining® analyses.

Can I also try MotionMiners INSIGHTS?

Yes, this is possible. For this purpose, we offer a 3-day MotionMiners EXPERIENCE PACKAGE for a fee. Here you can convince yourself of the added value of the technology. Note: The MotionMiners EXPERIENCE PAKET does not include an in-depth analysis or the development of optimization measures. It only serves to show you on-site how the technology works and which analysis possibilities basically exist.

What does a MotionMiners INSIGHTS license cost?

You can find our multi-level subscription model under pricing models.

What is MotionMiners SOLUTIONS?

The web-based and free platform MotionMiners SOLUTIONS offers process engineers and process planners from logistics and production a high added value with regard to process optimization problems. Whether you are designing, implementing or optimizing a process, MotionMiners SOLUTIONS allows you to validate challenges, receive recommendations for action and find suitable solutions.

The platform combines the bundled wealth of experience from our MotionMiners CONSULTING projects with innovative solutions from suppliers in production and logistics.

On MotionMiners SOLUTIONS, solution seekers and solution providers come together.

How can I find a solution on MotionMiners SOLUTIONS?

There are two ways to find solutions. The first way is to filter for individual solutions based on the identified problems in the process. The second way is to use a landscape to explore suitable solutions that can bring about efficiency or ergonomics improvements in relation to your specific challenge.

Do I need a MotionMiners INSIGHTS license to use MotionMiners SOLUTIONS?

No, that is not necessary. The web-based platform is freely accessible on the Internet.

Is it possible to go from my analyses with MotionMiners INSIGHTS, directly to proposed solutions in MotionMiners SOLUTIONS?

Currently, this is not possible, yet. In the future, it should also be possible to generate automated optimization proposals based on the data collected.

Can I buy products directly through the platform?

Currently, this is not possible,yet  but you can contact the supplier of the products directly via the platform.

What do I do if, from my point of view, solutions are still missing on the platform or if I would like to suggest another provider of a certain product group?

At regular intervals, we place new solutions, technologies and providers on MotionMiners SOLUTIONS. If you are missing a provider or product group, please write to us via the contact form on the platform ( We will then take care of it.

I am a provider of hardware, software or a service and would like to be listed on MotionMiners SOLUTIONS. What do I have to do?

Interested vendors can contact us at any time using the contact form on the MotionMiners SOLUTIONS page (at the bottom of the home page).

What is MotionMiners ERGONOMICS?

MotionMiners ERGONOMICS is a training solution and supports your operation in implementing ergonomic load handling within order picking. With the help of sensor technology, an evaluation basis for the motion sequences in your processes is created. A trained trainer adds a subjective ergonomics assessment to this perspective and trains your employees in a healthier way of working.

How does MotionMiners ERGONOMICS work and how is it used?

At MotionMiners ERGONOMICS, operational employees are accompanied and trained by an ergonomics trainer while performing two sample jobs. During these orders, body-worn sensors generate meaningful data on locomotion and load handling. This measurement is supplemented by a hand-held scanner that simulates picking orders and provides information about the material handled.

The training process is as follows: In a first run, picking orders are performed without instruction. Movement data is recorded and an ergo score is output. The order pickers then consult with the ergonomics trainer responsible, who adds a professional assessment of the movements to the ergo score and, based on this, provides concrete instructions for more ergonomic work.

In the second run, the employees carry out the picking orders again and the two runs are compared with each other. In this way, it can be determined whether the movements have improved in terms of ergonomics and whether the employees perform their movements in the work process more ergonomically.

MotionMiners ERGONOMICS is currently being used successively at the various sites of existing customers. This means that so-called "ergonomics audits" take place at different locations and on different days, during which the training for the employees is carried out.

What is the business model behind MotionMiners ERGONOMICS?

With MotionMiners ERGONOMICS, you buy the hardware and pay a monthly software license fee. In addition, at the beginning, there is customizing tailored to your systems. On request, we also offer an ergonomics audit as a service.

I don't have an ergonomics trainer in-house? Do MotionMiners provide a trainer?

We are happy to provide an ergonomics trainer from our network. This will incur additional costs.

Can I do a MotionMiners ERGONOMICS training just once without buying the hardware and software directly?

Yes, this is possible. If you are interested, just contact us.

I already have a MotionMiners INSIGHTS license. Can I simply extend it?

Currently, this is not technically possible. We are already working on a solution.

What is MotionMiners LABS?

MotionMinersLABS is a research license for universities, colleges, research institutions or digital labs that want to integrate Motion-Mining® technology into their research and teaching.

What does a MotionMiners LABS license include?

A MotionMiners LABS license consists of Motion-Mining® hardware, access to MotionMiners PROCESS INTELLIGENCE (MPI), and, if desired, an interface to Jupyter-Notebook data exploration software, which allows measured data to be further processed and fused with external data sources.

Where can I use MotionMiners LABS and do I necessarily need a lab environment?

MotionMiners LABS is a license that can be used for non-commercial purposes in lectures, theses, research projects, digital labs or innovation centers. It is not mandatory that a lab environment is present, as a larger room can also simply be used.

What is the business model behind a MotionMiners LABS license?

Unlike a regular MotionMiners INSIGHTS license, you buy the hardware and software once and can use the license indefinitely, for non-commercial purposes. Icon vector


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